Help! Why Does the Bottom of My Foot Itch?


Yes, itching sensation that we get over the skin is called as pruritis. This pruritus is what makes you want to scratch your skin.

No body loves to have itching sensation over the body.

Having this itching sensation at the bottom of feet make the scenario even worse. No wonder feet are the primary part of the body that repeatedly get exposed to environment, grass, damp weather and sweaty footwear.

All these things can cause irritation of feet skin and end up producing itching sensation.

Itching can occur at bottom of foot and might be caused by various issues.

Itchy feet are the signs of either a skin condition or some other underlying disorders that may cause itchiness.

Causes of itchy foot

There are several reasons that may lead to itchy feet.

The reason may include multiple underlying diseases, exposure to the various type of microorganisms (like fungi, bacteria, viruses & parasites), various skin conditions (like dry or moist skin), barefoot walking, tight footwear that causes sweaty feet etc.

Athlete’s Foot

This is one of the most common causes of itchy feet & also named as tinea pedis.

It is caused by the fungal infection which affects the skin of feet and can spread to the toenails. Walking barefoot in the grass, damp closed rooms like locker room can increase the risk getting this infection.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Dysfunction of peripheral nerves in the foot can cause itching, burning, tingling & numbness of feet.

Uncontrolled diabetes is the one of the common cause of such neuropathy. A recent research shows that almost 60% of people that have diabetes are prone to get some sort of nerve damage which may lead to neuropathy.

In this condition, peripheral nerves get damaged because of some underlying disease, injuries, chronic consumption of alcohol & certain viral infections.

Avoiding foot injuries, reducing the consumption of alcohol and taking strict control over diabetes can help to reduce the neuropathic symptoms. Natural cure using essential oils for neuropathy can be achieved to a certain extend.

Symptoms & Signs May Accompany Itchy Feet

Depending on the cause, sign & symptoms that accompany itchy feet may differ.

Here are few common symptoms & signs to look for if you have itchy feet –

  • Dry skin of bottom of foot
  • Fluid filled Blisters
  • Rash, redness and inflamed areas
  • White or dark coloured spots

In certain conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, the bottom of feet may itch without any visual signs. But neuropathy is more common in diabetic patients that pruritus.

How to treat itchy feet?

Itch can be caused by various reasons and certain causes can be treated easily at home.

If you suspect the itching is caused by allergic reaction then apply topical anti-allergic cream to the bottom of feet.

Take a foot soak bath, if your feet are dry. Try adding few drops of essential oils that can help to soothe your feet.

If the itch is caused by excessive sweat that triggered by tight shoes then just opt for the new shoes that fit well to your feet. You can get yourself a breathable shoe.

Seek medical help to rule out the possible diseases that might be causing your feet to itch.

The doctor may prescribe you anti-histaminic pills to alleviate the itching.

How to avoid an itching of the foot?

Wash your socks regularly to keep them clean and wear dry, clean socks to avoid possible growth of fungus.

Avoid walking barefoot in the grass to minimise the risk of getting a fungal infection as well as to avoid exposure to allergens that may trigger an allergic rash.

Keep your feet clean and dry before wearing shoes.

Dr. Sachin

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