Easy Ways To Make Yourself Throw Up (Step by Step)

Vomiting is one of the defensive mechanism of human body.

It is helpful to throw up unwanted things that reach to the stomach.

Many people hardly able to tolerate the thought to throw out but sometimes it necessary to induce the vomiting to relive nausea & stomach discomfort.

Throwing up is a most effective and fastest method to take out extra consumed alcohol and bad food products from your stomach.

As vomiting is a physiological process, you may start feeling nauseated immediately after you over eat something or consume too much alcohol.

In such scenario, please find a place to throw up as you do not want to splatter your vomit all over the room.

How to make yourself throw up?

Once you found the place to vomit, seat for few minutes and let the body do the work. Your stomach will automatically induce vomiting.

If not, try one of the following methods that may help to induce vomiting.

1. Use Fingers

Using index & middle finger to trigger the gag reflex is one of the most successfully used technique to throw up since decades.

The gag reflex is something that triggers vomiting and can be activated by putting a finger in mouth and pushing it to the back of throat over the surface of tongue.

This will immediately make you to feel nauseated and doing this for a couple of time will result in vomiting.

Many sensitive people may get vomited even in the first attempt, but if you fail the first time then keep doing it for 2 to 3 time. (Not more than that, you may hurt yourself)

Be sure not to have long nails as it might hurt your throat and wash your hand before & after the act.

2. Drink Salt Water

Salt water has the ability to make you vomit.

Add 2 to 3 teaspoon of salt to the glass of warm water and drink it quickly to trigger vomiting.

Salt water work as emetic and easy to make in the home. Salt work as a natural irritant to stomach and makes you feel nauseated when consumed in large quantities.

Once you drink a glass of salt water wait for few minutes and you will start to feel nausea and eventually end up vomiting.

Precaution must be taken while drinking this solution, cause excessive salt intake is not good for the body and you may end up having hypernatremia. Though this is very effective way to irritate the stomach and induce vomiting, don’t over do it.

If you fail to vomit even after drinking one glass of salted water do not repeat it, instead see your physician.

3. Use mustard Solution

Mustard has some natural emetic properties that help to throw up.

Add one tablespoon of mustard to one glass of warm water and drink it immediately. Though its taste really unpleasant, it will trigger vomiting within few minutes.

This home remedy to induce vomiting is being used since ancient time and most of the time yield the good results.

4. Watch Others Vomiting

The human body has a strong sensory nervous system that easily triggers vomiting once you watch someone else throwing up.

This procedure seems gross but works effectively. If it fails to induce nausea, try using fingers to activate gag reflex and you will throw up easily.

Only down side of this procedure is that it extremely hard to find another person who is vomiting at the same time when you are feeling nauseated.

Some people advise watching videos of people throwing up online but believe us it will be hit or miss trick. Some people will vomit while some won’t. Because sensory stimulation of vomiting does not only happen by watching others doing it but you need to smell that too.

Watch this video and see if it can help you or not – (make sure you watch full video 😉 )

5. Gargle with Egg White

Uncooked eggs white have some typical smell and taste that some people do not bear.

This makes them useful for inducing vomiting. Take an egg white from 2 eggs, beat them slightly and use it to gargle which will induce vomiting.

Spit out the gargle in a container and repeat the procedure for two to three times until nausea is set.

6. Drink Carbonated Soft Drinks

Carbonated soft drinks like Coca-cola creates fizz effect which can be helpful to make yourself throw up.

Drinking such soft drinks really quickly may irritate stomach resulting in nausea and vomiting.

If it does not effectively build up nausea try drinking a half glass of water after drinking these soft drinks. Usually, it works in food poisoning.

7. Use Emetics

Emetics is a medical term used for the medicines that trigger vomiting.

Ipecac syrup is one of the great examples of emetics as it can easily make you throw up within few minutes.

Mix recommended dose of ipecac solution to warm water and drink it. It may take some time to work.

There are few other medicines are available that helps to throw up but before you take them please contact your doctor.

These medicines may cause some effects like shortness of breath, dizziness and light headedness etc. so use them cautiously.

Things to Do After Throwing Up

Once you throw up, you need to pay attention to certain things.

Vomiting occur for a reason, most probably because of irritation of stomach. So it is better to avoid the things that cause stomach discomfort.

Follow the things provided below.

Clean your mouth

After successfully throwing up, clean your mouth with warm water, so you will feel fresh.

Vomitus contain gastric content including gastric acids which can erode teeth if not washed off.

Drink Water

After half an hour of vomiting, drink a small amount of water. If your stomach able to tolerate it, drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.

After an hour or two, you will start to feel fresh and comfortable, at this time you can have some warm soup to sooth your stomach.

Eat Banana

Once start tolerating liquid food, have a bite of banana and see if you can digest it well without disturbing your stomach.

Banana is a bland food that does not easily upset stomach.

It’s a potassium rich, energy packed fruit that will help you to regain energy and will restore the lost potassium through the vomiting.

Avoid Alcohol & Fizzy Drinks

Avoid consuming alcohol and other soft drinks that create fizz effect.

It may upset stomach and trigger vomiting. Instead opt for bland diet and warm, clear soup.

clear soup or broth found to soothe the upset stomach. A bowl of warm soup can reduce the stomach irritation.

Dr. Sachin

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