Have Lower Back Pain? This Simple Household Item Can Help.

At a certain stage of life everyone suffers from a lower back pain. And the most annoying thing is that many of us does not able to find the reason of pain that keeps coming in lower back.

However, most of the times lower back pain is caused by poor posture, muscle strains due to injuries while lifting heavy weight objects. But it can be also due to pathological diseases like slipped disc which needs immediate medical attention.

Either way, these pain disturb routine of life and creates lot of discomfort and does not go away easily. To get permanent relief from such pains, you need to seek advice from your doctor.Along with the medications, you need to work on your posture and exercise.

When it comes to doing exercise to get relief from lower back pain, technique of exercise plays important role. You can’t just do some movement and expect pain to go away. It needs to be done the right way. However, doing exercise right way doesn’t mean you will require costlier equipment. We can use some household equipment to do the trick.

Check out this video by a physiotherapist Manu Kalia, who guide on how one can use a simple household item like tennis ball to relieve back pain.

Dr. Sachin

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Penarth Osteopaths - October 6, 2016

Many people have been helped by this rolling action like with foam rollers. They are fairly inexpensive. Thank you for sharing.

John Ferrell - April 10, 2017

You said that people suffer from back pain. Maybe should ask a professional about different things that I could get help with when I have back pain. It could be helpful to learn about different ways to treat back pain so that you can be prepared for the future.

Ridley Fitzgerald - May 11, 2017

Back pain is terrible to deal with. I’ve had it for years now, and it always seems to twinge when I’m least expecting it. I’ll have to look at improving my posture, because I know it isn’t that great.


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