Teenage Boy With Scoliosis Gained His Confidence Back – Thanks to Local Tattoo Artist

Orlando – A teenage young boy with scoliosis now gained more confidence, thanks to ‘Angel Ruiza’ a local tattoo artist.

Xavier Holly is a 12 year old teenager from Orlando who recently got diagnosed with scoliosis and learned that he needs to wear the back brace to correct this condition.

 Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of spine. It causes lateral curves in spine that leads to back pain. 

But being a school going teenager, “he embarrassed to wear it in school” says his mother.

She said in her FB psot that “Last year he wore it under his shirt, but its very noticeable, and got picked on. I am looking for a place that can possibly do an airbrush design on (his brace) in Orlando.”

After reading this post on FB, Ruiza come forward to help him out and offered to do a good design for Xavier.

Angel Ruiza is a Tattoo artist based in Orlando and owns ‘Anarchy Tattoos & Art Co.’

His a small act of kindness done a positive effect on life of Xavier.

Xavier now wear it while going to school and shows it all his friends.

His mother further says that “I cried, I never expected it to be so amazing and full of details…I am so grateful that something like this has changed my son’s confidence and make him smile.”

This news made out day and its great to see people like Angel Ruiza comes forward to help other who suffers from chronic body pain.

Kudos to you Angel.

Source of news – whio.com


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