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Shoes For Swollen Feet – Great Choices + Reviews

From localized injuries to systemic causes like kidney failure, your feet can get huge swelling & demands the best & comfortable shoes.

Medical treatment, exercise, rest and stretching can help to reduce foot problems and restore the foot health but many time recovery takes time and swelling stays for weeks.

In such situations shoes of regular size & shape does not help at all. Here comes the shoes that built with one mission to provide that little extra space for your swollen feet and keep it comfortable.

Specially designed shoes for swollen feet are the way to go if you have long lasting edema or suffering from some systemic disorder that cause edema in feet such as liver failure, kidney failure etc.

Why is my feet swollen?

Main pathology behind swollen feet are accumulation of extra-cellular fluid within soft tissues of feet.

From injuries to systemic causes, these fluid can build up in the soft tissues of feet leading to edema of feet.

There are number of things that can cause feet edema like pregnancy, foot injuries, kidney failure, liver failure, high blood pressure etc.

It can come slowly over the period (like in some systemic disorders) or suddenly in a localized area following an injury to foot.

What should I do to reduce swelling?

There are ample of things you can do to reduce edema of foot.

First of all is visit your doctor to identify the cause of edema & start medication as soon as possible.

As per the cause of swelling, healthcare provider will instruct the things that you need to do or avoid. Like avoiding salt in case of edema with high blood pressure.

You can do the the following things –

  1. Leg Elevation
  2. Reducing Salt Intake
  3. Exercise
  4. Compression Bandage
  5. Proper Medications (Like Diuretics)
  6. Lifestyle Changes (Like quitting alcohols, smoking etc & eating healthy)

What to look for swollen feet shoes?


Wearing a comfortable fitting shoes is the most important thing you can always do to maintain healthy feet.

But when things goes wrong and feet gets inflamed swelling sets in leaving your shoes of regular shape & size in the corner. You just cant wear them anymore because of increase size of your feet due to edema.

While buying new pair of shoes for your edematous feet, you need to look for its size, shape and ease of  wearing and removing them.

Swollen foot demands big sized foot wears that are easy to remove and easy to wear.

Things that are most important to look for while buying shoes for swollen feet are –

  • Easy to put on
  • Good support to ankle & feet
  • Provides little extra room for swollen feet
  • Adjustable
Easy to put on

This is a must have feature for every shoe that we wear.

Swelling of feet comes either with some kind of disease or with pregnancy. In both cases no one wants to put some extra efforts when you wear shoes every time.

Specially during pregnancy, with growing belly it becomes hard to put on the shoes. In such scenario it is worthy to have a pair of Flats or Sandals or Flip-flops.

A shoe for swollen feet should opens up easily for hassle free foot entry.

Good support to ankle & feet

Good shoes are those who provides comfort and good support to your ankle and foot.

It doesn’t make sense when you buy a pair of shoe and on second day found out that it grinding on your skin of feet or are too tight to use on daily basis.

So when you buy shoe, try them out and walk around in the shop to see how comfortable & supportive they are.

A little extra room

This is a no brainer.

With increasing swelling of feet, it is always better to have some extra room in shoes. It give your feet a space to breath and able to adjust that extra swelling that might adds up as days progress.

Easy way to achieve an extra space in your shoes is to jump a bit extra than what you currently wear. For example if you are currently wearing size 6 shoe then it is better to buy 6.5 or 7 sized footwear.


You are wearing them for comfort, not for style.

So make sure they are adjustable.

As you take diuretics, swelling starts to fade away. In such case what you need is a shoe that can adjust accordingly your current size of feet and still provide comfort, support and proper grip.

There are plenty of adjustable shoes available in market. Pick one that fits better to your need.

Other points you need to look while buying a shoes are its durability, ease of use, color and weight.

Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford

The Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford provides much needed comfort and space to your swollen feet.

The top velcro fastener makes it really easy to wear and pull off this shoe as well as it can also help to adjust the size of shoe. It has padded collar with mesh lining on inner side while sole is made of rubber.

Most important thing about this shoe is that is has the double air-infused rubber in-soles.

This feature is helpful to increase the comfort level to your feet. Because these extra cushioning helps to take the pressure off the feet.

They have used Neoprene & full grain leather to make outer surface of shoe more durable & resistant to bad weather. This shoe provides comfort, durability and sturdiness but that’s not the only reasons you should by, it has got awesome look too 🙂

Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford

Buyer Opinions

With 200+ positive reviews on Amazon, almost 59% are voted for 5 star &  22% buyers given 4 star ratings.

This amazing voting stats makes it the #1 choice of buyers for swollen feet shoes.

Suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy, Pedal edema or  chronic foot pain? This shoes are build to provide comfort with an extra space that allows your feet to breath freely.

Dr. SachinOur Expert

Propet Men’s Cush & Foot Slip-On

Another useful gem from Propet.
Propet Men’s Cush n Foot Shoe also have velcro fastener. It’s a light weight shoe and suitable for elderly people. Sole is made up of polyurethane material and have a terrycoat insoles which can be removable.
Terrycoat insoles provides a soft feeling to your feet.
This shoe can be used for outdoor or indoor use and provides good support to feet.
Propet Mens Cush n Foot Slip On
With 200+ positive ratings that have 62% of 5 star rating on Amazon shows that this shoe is not only popular among its users, it also provided good user experience to them.

Propet Women’s Olivia Slip-On Shoe

Want sporty look with comfort?

Then, chose the Propet women’s olivia slip-on shoes. They have stretchable vamo, leather -lined interior along with removable REX insole.

Adjustable strap along with removable REX insole makes this a go to shoe for elderly women who prefer ease of wearing shoe and comfort over the look.

Adjustable straps are helpful to adjust the size shoe as swelling of feet grows or reduces, making it a perfect fit every time you wear it.

Propet Womens Olivia Slip On Shoe

Though it able to get 100+ reviews with 62% of 5 star ratings, wearing this shoe can be a hit or miss situation.

Some ladies with bunion claims that it fits properly and provide comfort while few others are not happy.

The downside of this shoe is that it comes with leather mesh which easily become dirty. This makes this shoe of choice for in-house use.

Propet Women’s Cronus Comfort Sneaker

Build with neoprene Propet women’s cronus sneaker is can be a good choice for swollen feet. Its sole is made from the durable rubber making it to last longer and neoprene is a substance that can easily stretches and make this shoe flexible enough to accommodate feet with increasing swelling.

Velcro strap and the insole which can be removed easily make it possible to make an extra room within shoe in case swelling increases.

Insole is also good enough to provide cushioning to foot of the shoe wearer.

Propet Womens Cronus Comfort Sneaker

It is found that this shoe fails to provide enough arch support so one should avoid wearing it for too long or for running purpose.

It can make good indoor shoes.

Dr. Sachin

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