9 Easy Ways To Prevent Foot Problems While Standing All Day For Work

Foot take the maximum amount of stress when we spend hours together standing on our legs.

Many professions demand that you should spend your maximum times standing to achieve your work goal. Few example of such jobs that require standing are retail staff, nurses, teachers, security guards, health care workers etc.

It always feels good to take rest once you get home by finishing your job for the day, but the best thing to do is to implement following tips in your daily routine to prevents foot problems caused by prolonged standing.

Does working in standing position for prolonged hours cause foot problem?

Usually standing in natural human posture does not create any problem unless and until you do it on a daily basis for long hours.

People who stand on their feet for long hours every day are prone to suffer from the varicose vein, foot pain, sore feet, foot swelling and some back related problems.


To avoid such suffering here are few tips that will help you to maintain good health of feet.

Use comfortable shoes

Most foot problems start with wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Get a pair of well-fitting shoes that can be able to provide comfort to your foot even if you stand for a long time.

Choosing a good shoes is a science and you should be paying attention to every details of shoes while buying it.

When you goes for shoe shopping pay attention to its size, length, width and soles.  Wear the shoes you want to buy from store and walk around the store to see comfort level.

Try to shop shoes during the afternoon as our foot expand during day time.

Avoid High Heels

This lucrative stiletto seems the best thing to wear for every woman, but it put a lot of strain on foot. High heels also cause discomfort in calf & back muscles.

Almost 73% of woman admitted that they have some sort of shoe-related foot health issues during a survey conducted by American Podiatric Medical Association

Avoid using high heels instead, opt for shoes that have the minimum heel.

high heel and foot pain facts

Via – apma.org

Not wearing high heels at all is the best thing to do, but if you can’t able to keep them away then wear them moderately and alternate with more comfortable shoes.


Give your foot some rest.

Standing and walking for prolonged time put lot of stress on your leg and foot.

Giving break to the foot from standing, running and walking provides enough time to your body to recover from any injury to foot, if you have any.

Use slip resistant foot wear

Working in slippery areas increase the risk of falling and you may injure yourself.

So to avoid such accidents, opt for the slip resistant foot wear. Wearing such shoes you can walk over slippery areas with much more confidence.

Use Orthotics

If you have issue with foot arch then custom made foot orthotics can help a lot.

Custom orthotics like shoe insert provides good support to arch of foot and fits according to your foot anatomy.

Keep extra pair of shoes at work place

While working, your shoe may get torn or become uncomfortable by some inevitable causes.

In such instances, extra pair of shoes become useful and can provide comfort to your foot.

Soak your feet

Foot Soak

Soaking your feet in warm water is great idea to relax your foot.

You can add epsom salt or vinegar in a warm water to make it more relaxing.

Take a tub of warm water and add two tablespoon of epsom salt and soak your feet for 20 minutes.

Once you done with soaking your feet, dry them with towel and apply small amount of moisturizer to avoid dryness.

If you have any callus or corn on the bottom of feet, then do not forget to give a try to the best callus remover in the market.

Foot massage

Foot Massage

Get some soothing foot massage.

Foot massage reduces pain by triggering various pressure point on feet.  After long hours of standing and working getting massage will be a soothing reward for your feet.

Apply analgesic cream

Using pain reliving cream before going to bed can help after long day of work.

These creams are designed to apply locally to foot area and provide instant pain relief to your sore feet and muscles.

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