Easy Plantar Fasciitis Stretches That You Can Do at Home

Plantar fascia is a medical term that common people rarely hear in day today life, but it is an important ligament of foot.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common cause that produce heel pain and as per the ‘Palo Alto Medical Association’ heel pain affects the more than 50 percent of American adults.
These heel pains are usually associated with the inflammation of a ligament that connect heel with front part of foot & named as the plantar fascia. Inflammation of plantar fascia is termed as plantar fasciitis.

As foot bear the weight of our body, weight gain along with the repetitive motions are the most common causes of this problem.

Increased weight and constant pressure are the main culprits that can trigger plantar fasciitis. So, this disease is more common in those people whose work demand repetitive motion & standing on their feet for long time like athletes, obese people, pregnant women etc.

In obese people and pregnant women extra weight increases pressure on plantar fascia while walking and triggers inflammation resulting into the pain.

However, one can easily ease the pain from plantar fascia, by simply changing lifestyle, doing exercise like stretches and taking proper treatment from physician.


Stretching of foot muscles is an effective part of treatment for plantar fasciitis. It help to loosen up the tight muscles of foot that increase the pain in such condition.

Seated Exercises –

Seated exercise are the simplest and most useful form of actions that everyone can able to achieve.

To perform these stretches you don’t need to go to gym or require fancy equipment, just a chair and common household items like water bottle, towel etc. So take a chair and be seated.

1. Take a frozen water bottle or any similar object with cylindrical shape (like ice-cold can) and while being seated on chair, slowly roll your foot forth & back over the water bottle.
Do this for a minute then change the leg.

2. Big toe stretch – While seated, cross one leg over the other and grab big toe with hands , pull it upward and hold for 15 to 20 seconds before you release the pressure.
Repeat this procedure for three to four times and switch the foot.

3. This exercise uses folded towel as an elastic strap.

By keeping towel under the arch of both foot, slowly pull the foot in upward direction. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds then repeat the procedure for three times.

Calf Stretches

Stretching calf muscles can be beneficial for foot pain.

To perform this stretch, move your one leg forward and gently bend at knee joint. Make sure that you keep knee of other leg straight & heel on the ground. Hold this stretch for 15 to 20 seconds then repeat the procedure.

Do this 3 times for each leg.


Usually stretching is recommended for relieving the plantar fasciitis suffering but there are certain things that can help to prevent this condition.

Work on staying healthy – Eat healthy and stay healthy.

Those are obese or overweight for their age can work on their weight to shed few pounds. This way you will be reducing extra pressure on foot and plantar fascia.

Opt for Regular Exercise

Once you lose weight, keep doing exercises on daily basis to keep yourself fit and active.

Opt for leg stretching once or twice a week. This will keep the ligament if foot active and healthy.

Pay Attention to Shoes

This is one of the most important aspect of foot care when it comes to preventing or treating plantar fasciitis.

To find the best shoes for plantar fasciitis, you need to see how good arch support it can provides.

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis provides comfort and good arch support to foot.

Try to avoid wearing shoes that creates discomfort and stress on feet.

Rest – Remember repetitive movement can triggers this condition?

So give good rest to your feet. If your job demand you to stand for long time then take a break for few minutes & seat. Perform some simple stretches discussed above.

Avoid vigorous exercise and excessive jumping. This may lead to foot injury and inflammation of plantar fascia.

Foot is as important as other organs in body, so pay attention to pain and discomfort in feet. If you experience any pain, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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