Is Walking Good Exercise? – Here Is The Science Based Answer

There are multiple reasons why many people prefer running over walking.

While, some people wonder ‘is walking good exercise as running or not?’.

But be assured to know that walking is a good exercise for fit and healthy body, want to know how? Just keep reading.

As like running, walking also helps to boost energy, bust stress, burn some calories, enhance your mood and strengthen muscular system.

Walking is a simple exercise that doesn’t ask for a gym, instead it can be done any where. Depending on your personal choices and health goals, speed of walking can very.

But you don’t need to be stressed out by walking fast or taking an aggressive approach, because 20 to 30 minutes of daily leisure walk can also keeps your system healthy.

Walking is an aerobic activity and doing it on regular basis can be helpful for cardio-vascular system & it increases strength of lungs & heart.

“Walking is man’s best medicine.”


Hippocrates was a wise man to know the answer.

Benefits Of Walking

Walking everyday come with lot of benefits.

Make a habit to take 20 to 30 minutes walk for everyday.

Couple Walking With Kid

Health Benefits of Walking

Just by walking few minutes everyday one can achieve good overall health and fitness.

  • It help to reduce and maintain weight.
  • Help to improve the glycemic control of body.
  • Improve brain functions and memory
  • Help to control & prevent hypertension, type 2 diabetes.
  • Enhance your mood.

Reduce weight

When combined with a proper diet, regular walking can help to shed some pounds.

Walking burns few calories and help to increase basal metabolic rate.

Walking everyday is found to help in burning fats, reducing weight and increasing endurance.

A research conducted by University of Quebec in Montreal under the supervision of Prof. Mylène Aubertin-Leheudre found that walking 10,000 steps everyday helps to reduce body fats but does not improve muscle strength beyond a certain limits [1]

It also lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Improve Glycemic Control

Glycemic control is actually a medical terminology representing typical blood sugar level in diabetics.

Almost all modes of diabetes treatment are centered around 'Good Glycemic Control'.

Good glycemic control means having blood sugar levels within normal limits. Usually this is measured with the help of a blood test called as 'Hb A1c'

Hb A1c measures an average blood glucose levels for last three months. 

A study conducted by American Diabetes Association in 2013 shows that 15 minutes of intense walking after a meal helps significantly to control postprandial hyperglycemia in an older people [2]

Dr. Sachin 
Our Health Expert

Improve cognitive function of brain

Taking brisk Walk approximately 3 to 5 times a week is known to improve function of brain as compared to those who walk less.

Brain functions start to deteriorate during old age because of aging factors.

Walking everyday helps to improve SEROTONIN levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that found to play a good role in multiple human body functions like managing mood, bowel functions, sexual functions and triggering nausea.

Increased serotonin levels by walking can help improve health of central nervous system.

Walking for 40 minutes per day for 3 to 4 days a week are found to be helpful in improving connectivity within important brain circuits. [3]

Control & Prevents Blood Pressure

Checking Blood Pressure

If you are obese, spend lot of time working in front of computer or leading a sedentary life then walking can help you significantly to prevent blood pressure problems.

30 to 40 minutes morning walk is a perfect solution to keep your heart healthy and prevent hypertension.

If you could not able to walk everyday during the morning hours, make a habit to move around after every couple of hours in the office.

While doing your office work you can take a break after every two hours and walk around for couple of minutes and stretch you arms. The main goal is to move your body for at least for minutes after seating at one place for two hours.

A Korean study found that walking everyday for 40 minutes helps to lower blood pressure in the individuals who are suffering from hypertension.

As per American Heart Association and a recent study conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division in Berkley, walking everyday helps to reducing blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.[4]

AHA also found that when it comes to lowering the risk of heart related problems, walking is as good as running and even more useful than running. [5]

Dr. Sachin 
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Secrete Endorphins

Every aerobic exercise secret the hormones called Endorphins.

Endorphins are those magic hormones that help us to fight stress, anxiety, depression, unhappiness and enhance the sense of well being. 

Endorphins plays the role of anti-depressant in our body, perhaps without having any side effect and create euphoria like sensation.​

Brisk walking for approximately 30 minutes a day can trigger the release of these hormones helping our nerves to calm down in this chaotic world. 

30 minutes of brisk walk ​causes our muscular system to start anaerobic respiration which leads to accumulation lactic acid within muscles. This lactic acid accumulation further leads to release of endorphins

Endorphins are the reason behind why we feel good about ourselves after we take a walk.​

How to walk to make endorphins release possible?

To make your body to release endorphins you don't need to sweat out by taking intensive walking session, instead take a slow approach.

​As per the taking a low-intensity pace walk combined with simple-to-practice meditation techniques like counting each step you walk and visualizing each number in mind can help you to concentrate on your walking exercise. [6]

This technique is proven to release happy hormones during a clinical study.​

Long Life

We can't stop getting old but we can reduce aging and delay the process of becoming old.

Walking daily for 30 minutes can add more 7 year to your life.

With ability of releasing endorphins that work as anti-depressant, improving health of cardio-pulmonary systems and strengthening muscles & bones, walking on daily basis can help us to live longer.

As per the study conducted by European Society of​ Cardiology (ESC) Congress, anti-aging process get triggered when individuals take active part in aerobic exercises like walking, HIIT and running. It also helps to repair an old DNA. [7]

Prevent Breast Cancer

It is well considered fact in medical science that exercises, even involving a daily walk, can help to prevent cancer to some extend.

Researchers from the 'Cancer Epidemiology,  Biomarkers & Prevention' conducted a long termed study for last two decades involving 73K postmenopausal women withing age groups of 50 to 73. [9]

They tracked daily exercising habits of all these women and recently able to link it with the breast cancer as almost 4760 participant got diagnosed with breast cancer.

Researcher found that women who are walking at least 7 hours per week are 14% risk free than those who walked only for three or less hours a week.

​This risk further goes down to 25% as you add some extra hours of walk to your routine. More than 10 hours of vigorous exercises per week including walking can reduce chances of breast cancer significantly. 

Better Sleep​

Exercises like brisk walk does not only help you get rid of some stubborn fats from your waistline but also helps you ​to get sound sleep.

It is found that walking boosts the effect of melatonin, a natural sleep hormone that helps to sleep easily. 

Morning walking is good for better sleep. But one should avoid doing exercise or taking a walk before going to bed as it will be stimulating to your body and prevent you falling asleep.

Exposing yourself to bright daylight first thing in the morning will help the natural circadian rhythm.

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Family Oriented

If possible involve your better half or family.

With the increasing use of digital gadgets and gluing our eyes to mobile screen 24/7, conversation among family members decreased significantly.

By taking 30 minutes of leisure walking everyday with family you can achieve many things, first is you can able to spend some quality time with family.

It increase conversation among all family and improve health too.

Connects to nature

Early morning walk may help you to connect with nature.

Most of us live in the chaotic cities and spend little time in natural, green environment. 

Your walking habit can help you to spend some time in green and natural environment. Just choose a right place and go for leisure walk for 20 minutes.

It can be garden near your home or some green space a bit away from home.

As per the study conducted at Stanford, California walking on green lawn or in garden can help you to be more happy and attentive.[8]

Apart from cognitive and emotional benefits of walking in nature, the most important factor is you can able to inhale fresh air which is packed with more oxygen than urban environment.

Dr. Sachin

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