Foot Pain 101 – Ultimate Guide to Learn & Treat Foot Pain

Foot Pain 101

The Foot - One of the most active & weight bearing part of our body.

At the same time being so active, it gets less attention & does not receive proper care it deserves. Foot is the most under-appreciated part of our body. It help us to move from one place to another and while we walk everyday, we almost completes 8000 to 10000 steps per day.

A single foot is build with 26 bones that forms 33 joints with 107 of ligaments using the 19 muscles. With so many bones, joints and ligaments stuffed in small space, it becomes inevitable to get injured easily if not provided attention to your steps.

A recent study shows that almost 80% of population with age more 21 have some kind of foot problem. Out of these 80% people almost 60% seeks treatment from doctors and health care specialists.

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