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Foot Callus – Things You Should Know About Calluses on Feet

Calluses is nothing but a thick, hardened part of foot skin. It also know as keratomas or tylomas.

It actually either a layer of dead skin which is compacted together or a part of thickened skin due to constant friction at bony prominence in the foot.

Usually calluses are not painful during their early stage of development but as they grow, condition start to become painful & dis-comfortable.

Ball of the foot and heel are the two main areas which are prone to constant friction while walking. This constant friction & pressure on certain area of foot leads to thickened skin.

Calluses can also be found on fingers and hands in those people who their palm repeatedly for certain task that prone to friction in hand.

For example, a worker who dig holes manually on daily basis ​may have calluses on hands.

Calluses On Feet

Calluses on feet can be commonly found in the area of second metatarsal bone, as it is the area which bears the most weight of our body while walking.

So more the pressure​, more the chances of getting the skin thickening. But it can also be found on heel and other part of sole.

Though, it does not look good and causes discomfort while walking, one should understand that it is a defense mechanism of our body against constant friction and pressure over certain points on feet.​

Foot callus usually found in oval shape which is elevated than surrounding skin and may have brown or gray color.

Few people are more prone to have callus and corns because they does not have sufficient fat tissues that work as cushion between feet skin and bones.​

Deep grown calluses also known as porokeratomas, they grows deep in the foot and cause pain while walking. Sometime they even touch of shoes can triggers severe pain.

They can occur with any one but it can be a serious feet problem for those who have diabetes.

Common symptoms of callus on feet

If you feel some hardening in sole of foot and curious whether it is a callus or not then look for the following common symptoms -

  • They commonly develops within the skin of soles over the bony part of foot & usually found in oval shape.
  • Slight discoloration of skin may occur due to callus and it may look yellow-grey or reddish-brown.
  • Usually it is painless but in certain cases it can cause throbbing pain or burning sensation.If not treated properly, these calluses can turn into a more troublesome condition.

It may get secondary infection leading to throbbing pain, tenderness, pus, fever and swelling around the area of callus.

Causes of foot callus

The most common reason behind forming a callus on foot is constant pressure & friction that gets applied on foot skin.

These can be due to any reason, few of them are as follow -

Inadequately fitting shoes - Shoes that does not fit well and cause direct friction leads to formation callus. Usually high heels footwear, small sized shoes are the one that causes friction.

Barefoot walking - Walking barefoot for long hours can cause friction injuries to sole which may lead to callus.

Flat feet - Leads to low foot arch which further triggers unstability in foot bones and damage the way we walk.

They can be treated by soaking foot in warm water for few minutes and by using foot callus remover.

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