Flexeril High – Does Flexeril Get You High?

Flexeril is a brand name for a medicine called as Cyclobenzaprin Hcl. It work as muscle relaxant and used in patients that suffer with muscle spasm.

When patient suffers from pain in muscles and spasm, flexeril help to relieve the spasm and produce the relaxation to suffering muscle.

In some cases when taken in large doses than prescribed amount, Flexeril can create high.

What does Flexeril treats?

As explained above, cyclobenzapril Hcl is a muscle relaxant and widely being used to reduce muscular spasm and pain along with rest & physio therapy.

Certain musculoskeletal diseases like muscular dystrophy; causes muscular spasm and create pain. In such cases flexeril relaxes muscles and help to relieve pain.


Flexeril is recommended for short term use and can be used in the patients who are recovering from injuries.

Flexeril is available in dosage of 5, 10, 20 and 30 mg. It can be taken up to three times a day if your doctor recommends to do so.

Flexeril have ability to create drowsiness in some cases, so it is better to take rest when you start the pills and eventually watch if you get drowsiness or not.

If it happens to create drowsiness then avoid doing certain things that ask for your continuous attention like driving a vehicle.

Some patient also experienced nausea and dryness of mouth after taking Flexeril.

Does Flexeril  get you High?

Ideally if taken in recommended dosage, Flexeril does not create any High.

It may cause an altered state in some individuals, with some initial doses. It may also create high of you exceeds daily recommended dose of this drug.

Taking more dose than prescribed limit is not recommended

Dr. Sachin

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