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Top 10 Extra Large Heating Pads – Buying Guide & Reviews

Body pain can become a chronic condition associated with different underlying causes including pregnancy, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome etc.  We generally believe that in these conditions the pain arouses naturally.

However, pain is clinically considered as a neuro-signals that can travel throughout the body. Among different pain symptoms, low back pain is one of the most common causes that frequently seek medical help.

The intense pain at lower back is primarily divided into three different stages depending upon the duration – acute pain (duration less than 4 weeks), sub-acute (duration 4 to 8 weeks) and chronic pain (duration more than 8 weeks).

It is always preferable to use naturally obtained therapy for relieving pain symptoms. Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy is considered as a non-pharmacologic and nonsurgical (without medical and surgical intervention) treatment approach.

Thermotherapy is one of the scientifically evidential adjuvant therapy the which can relieve pain naturally i.e. superficially (involve skin) or deeply (involve muscles and joints).

Research evidence showed that application of heat at the pain site can provide pain relief in both acute and chronic condition. Extra large heating pads are available in the orthopaedic clinics and pharmacy, which naturally generate heat and convenient to use at the pain sites.

Extra large heating pads cover a large affected area of the body including upper or lower back portions. This can spread the heat throughout the pain affected area, which cannot be possible with smaller sized heating pads or devices.

How Does Heat Ease Your Pain?

Heat has a potential effect to relieve pain symptoms. The following benefits are obtained by applying heat at the pain site.

  • Flexibility of the muscular tissue and other soft tissue present at the pain site become enhanced
  • Reduce muscular resistance
  • Smooth muscles underlying the pain area gradually gets relaxed, simultaneously contract and improve the motor functioning of the muscular tissues.
  • Heat therapy promotes quick healing, as it increases blood flow at the pain site, which increases nutrient supply and metabolic rate. Subsequently, the pain-causing toxic substances are eliminated through circulated blood.

In addition, application of heat at the pain site alters the pain signals by stimulating sensory receptor present in the brain and concurrently block the pain signal pathway.

Heat therapy also soothes the irritated nerve endings which are responsible to trigger pain. Thus, heat therapy destruct patient’s pain attention and acts as a fast pain reliever.

Heat can also release pressure in the pain area and provide a relaxing effect. This therapy can reduce muscular seizure, arise due to of pain and can improve the mobility of the patient.

Top 10 extra-large heating pads

1. BodyMed ZZHP1427

This is a therapeutic heating pad and is the product of ‘Active Recovery Essentials’ that is readily available on Amazon.

BodyMed ZZHP1427 Heating Pad

Active Recovery Essentials is a company which supplies a wide range of authentic healthcare products. This company is successfully running its business over 60 years.

BodyMed ZZHP1427 is an electric thermo-therapeutic device which has a digital screen that displays the set temperature.

This electric heating pad is available in three different sizes, including 14″x 7″, 14″x14″ and 14″x27″. These size variations assist to select appropriate heating pad according to the pain region.

White and black are two colour options available and buyers can select according to their preferences. Buyers can clear their product related query by calling the 24/7 customer care unit of the Active Recovery Essentials.


  • This heating pad can provide therapeutic benefits to reduce the pain symptom for any type of muscle or joint pains involving strains, sprains or inflammation,
  • It is a moist heating pad, which does not require a water supply, as this device utilizes humidity present in the air to produce moist heat.
  • This device is attached to a digital LCD screen which displays the time and temperature applied during heat therapy. In addition, it allows the user to set the time and temperature according to the treatment recommendation.
  • This device also has a lockout feature, which protects the set time and duration from unintentional changes obtain due to touching during treatment hours.
  • This device also has an automatic shut down option and that allows setting the timing from one minute to one hour according to the need.


  • The timer has a beep sound which can intervene the relaxation of the user.
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2. Thermophore Automatic Max HEAT Plus Moist Heat Pack

The larger size of this electric heating pad provides a good covering over the pain area.

Thermophore Automatic Max HEAT Plus Moist Heat Pack

The measurement of the extra large size this pad is 14″ x 27″ unit. It has a ‘start button’ and a ‘pause button’. After switching on the start button, the device generates heat and depending upon your tolerance you can suspend the heat by pressing the pause button.

This heating pad even includes automated shut-off option and after every 20 minutes the heating pad automatically shuts down in case of continuous heating or uninterrupted ‘On’ mode of the device. This heating pad is convenient to use.


  • The size of this pad is larger than the standard heating pad and can cover the pain area satisfactorily. Therefore, the generated heat of this pad can distribute large surface of the body and provide effective pain relief.
  • This heating pad covers with a specialized covering which absorbs heat from the atmosphere. The moist heat is more effective to treat pain than dry heat. This device sufficiently produces moisture taken from the atmosphere, therefore no need to supply extra moisture.
  • The cover of the heating pad is washable.
  • The “pause’ switch is very effective to adjust the heat according to the tolerance of the individual.


  • The attached switches of this heating pads are manually operated, which may interrupt the treatment process.
  • The on-off switch and pause button are identical, which can create confusion, as the user may not check which button to press during therapy.
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3. Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad

Chattanooga is the manufacturer of this heating pad and is one of the largest manufacturers of the rehabilitation equipment.

Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad

The products of  Chattanooga is recognized globally because of reliability and excellence of the feedback of the company.

Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad is one of the convenient ways to treat pain symptom at home. This heating pad is covered with flannel. Chattanooga is a USA-based company and the DGO global is its parent company.

Therefore, Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad is an imported electric product. The moist heat produced by this heating pad is intense and can provide pain relief in different chronic conditions like arthritis, and even for the acute pain due to muscle spasm, strains, and other inflammatory conditions.

This heating pad has a digital display with manual control for setting temperature and time. The temperature can be adjusted between 880F to 1660F and time can be set between 1minute to 60 minutes.

The flannel-covering absorbs atmospheric moisture and the moist heat gets distributed throughout the skin.


  • The cord of the heating pad is flexible and can be moved easily
  • The control unit is well designed to set the time and duration
  • The moist heat prevents drying of the skin


  • This heating pad may not work efficiently in dry atmospheric condition as the covering absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.
  • The digital panel may not work properly in long run due to mechanical problems.
  • This heating pad is an electric device, so the electric fluctuation can destroy the product.
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4. Thermophore MaxHeat 14×27, Model 155

It functions through electric supply. The thermophore present in this pad gets heated when switched-on.

Thermophore MaxHeat Model 155 Heating Pad

The high-quality thermophore gets easily heated and the automated timer present in it has 20 minutes duration.

This heating pad is easy to clean, as it has no thermostat. It is covered with a cotton fleece wrap. This outer wrap is easy to remove and wash.


  • The heating durability is more, as it does not contain thermostat.
  • Heating pad has an outer covering, which protects the skin from unexpected heat exposure.
  • Low, medium and high heat can be set according to the requirement of the therapy, as this heating pad has the heat adjusting switch.


  • The covering of the heating pad does not provide enough cushioning.
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5. Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad

It has two size options, 12×15 inches and 12×24 inches with three different colour options.

Sunbeam XpressHeat Extra Large Heating Pad

The express heating technology heats up the device within 30 seconds and generates moist heat, which releases the muscle tension quickly and provides effective therapeutic benefits.

The digital LED panel provides 6 different temperature options. The user can set the temperature according to the comfort. The size of the heating pad is sufficient to cover the pain area.

The cover of the heating pad is made up of micro plush fabric, which is washable in the machine and easy to clean. The softness of the cover provides sufficient comfort. This product also has 5 years’ warranty period.


  • Large size is enough to cover the pain affected area and is flexible to cover the desired area.
  • It has a different color option which can match different buyer’s test.
  • The covering of the heating pad is soft and cozy.
  • The fabric of the covering does not get loosely fitted after washing, which keeps intact the look and comfort of the pad.
  • The heating pad gets quickly heated and provides fast pain relief.
  • The cord is enough long to plug it in distant.


  • The pad does not provide sustained heat for a prolonged period.
  • The washable cover and unlimited timer option reduce the durability of the product.
  • Careful handling is required as the device gets heated very fast.
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6. Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush King Size Heating Pad with LED Controller

This is another extra large sized heating pad which is available on Amazon. This heating device has ThermoFine technology which provides consistent heat supply.

The size of this heating device is 12″x24″, which can properly cover common pain sites like hip, shoulder, neck and lower back area and provide sustain pain relief.

The covering of this heating pad is made of soft touch fabric. This heating device gets gradually heated, therefore there is a low risk of sudden exposure to high temperature.

The auto-timer is fixed for 2 hours and then gets auto-shutdown.  It has 9 ft. long power cord. This heating device has options for four customized heat setting. It also has 5 years warranty period.


  • The four personalized heat setting option can assist to set the temperature according to the individual need of the therapy.
  • The temperature can be self-regulated and can prevent burning
  • Auto-shutdown after every 2 hours helps to prevent excessive heat exposure and conserve electricity consumption.
  • The 9 ft long cord can help to get power supply easily from a distant location.


  • The LED panel can stop working,
  • The heating remains sustained and does not provide high temperature since the start, so those who are looking for a prompt high-temperature device is not good for them.
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7. Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat

The dimension of this device is 14.8″ X 4.6″ X 3.2″. The heating is very fast and generates moist heat.

Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heating Pad

The outer covering of the pad is washable and easy to clean. The size of this product is almost twice than the other standard heating pads and provide a deep heat therapy.

This heating pad does not require to add water to produce moist heat. This device is mostly prescribed by clinicians to treat different chronic pain conditions including arthritis.

The attached thermosphere is of high quality and the company gives two years warranty period.  The location of the on-off switch makes it very convenient to handle.


  • The large size pad provides extended coverage to entire spine region. It covers the shoulder, back, hip and thigh portion and is extremely good to relieve body ache.
  • Deep moist heat therapy releases the muscular tension and provides effective pain relief.
  • Attaching a moist cloth with the heating pad in a dry environment is effective to produce moist heat.


  • The’ On’ switch is required to be pressed till the desired heat is generated and then release the button; this can interfere the therapy. However, the positioning of the switch is convenient.
  • There is no timer attached and the whole process is manual. Therefore, this self-operating system of this device requires considerable attention during therapy.
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8. Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack/Classic

Battle Creek is the manufacturer of this product.

Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack Classic

It can produce moist heat without adding water. The device absorbs water from the atmosphere and able to treat pain symptoms.

The ‘On’ switch is required to be pressed for operating the heating element. It is convenient for self-application at home. There is no timer attached and the temperature control is manual.


  • Produce moist heat without the requirement of water supply.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Removable flannel cover of the heating unit can be washable and easy to clean.


  • The heating operation is manual and the ‘On’ switch needs to be pressed for generating heat till the desired temperature reaches, and then release the button. This process needs to be repeated  4 to 6 times during a cycle of therapy.
  • It generates maximum heat (up to 1760F) very quickly as there is no attached temperature display, which may cause heat spots.
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9. Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad King Size

In this heating pad, the moist heat is easily penetrated through the skin and reach to the soft tissues.

Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad King Size

The high-grade heating obtains from this device can provide professional thermotherapy. It has 4 optional temperature adjuster, which provide personalized heating and it also has 4 optional timers to fix the duration of heating time.

The outer covering is made with flannel fabric, which is washable and easy to clean. The heating device is automatically shut down when the selected time period is over.


  • Velcro is attached at the end, so it can tightly affix around the waist and comfortable to use.
  • Perfect for lower back pain


  • Large rectangle shaped pad is not perfect for neck pain; it is only suitable for a large pain affected area like the lower back.
  • Considerable attention is required during therapy, as the temperature increases rapidly.
  • The durability may get reduced due to the quick heating operating system.
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10. Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad with UltraHeat Technology

The size of this electrical heating pad is 12″x24″.

Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad with UltraHeat Technology

This heat is generated through ultra-heat technology and the temperature is raised to its maximum limit which provides consistent heat supply to the pain affected region.

There are three heat setting features attached to this device. This heating pad is only available in blue colour.

An absorbent sponge is attached to this device which absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and acts as a deep pain reliever. It has a soft fabric cover, which is easy to wash.

There is no automatic shut down option on this heating pad. This heating pad is ideal for the person who has muscle stiffness, arthritis, back pain etc.


  • It has a 9-metre long cord and is easy to the plug-in from distant.
  • The pain affected area becomes warm.
  • It provides continuous heat supply.


  • The heating pad is not flexible enough to warp around the pain area.
  • The generated heat may not be sufficient for everybody.
  • Plastic or vinyl burning smell may be experienced during therapy
  • There is no automated shut down option, therefore during therapy patient needs to stay awake.
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Extra Large Heating Pads Buying Guide

Before select your heating pad, it is necessary to understand your own requirement because all the heating pads described above, are electrically operated and produce moist heat with extra large size.

Following are some important reminder for selecting heating pad:

  • You must select your heating pad depending upon the site and intensity of the pain.
  • In case you need continuous heat supply, then the auto shut-down device may not be suitable, but if you want to relax during the therapy then it is necessary to select the heating device with an auto shut-down option.
  • The electric device is convenient to use than other non-electric devices. Microwavable heating pads are also getting popularity in the market. The electric pad can generate both dry and moist heat, whereas the microwavable heating pad can only generate moist heat.
  • The microwavable heating pad allows mobility during therapy, which is advantageous. But it is advisable to obtain optimum benefits of thermotherapy, take rest and relax during therapy. Therefore, immobility of electric heating pad device is also a positive aspect of the heat therapy.
  • The temperature control is possible on the electric heating pad, as most of the electric heating pads have personalized temperature controller, which is not possible in case of the microwavable heating pad.
  • The timer option in the electric heating pad is also advantageous, as you can set your time according to the need. This option is not available on the microwavable heating pad.
  • If you are selecting electric heating pad, then it is important to consider the outer covering. Some fabric may get wrinkles or become loose fitted after washing. These can affect the functionality of the electric heating pad.
  • Length of the pad is an important consideration, as some pad is not enough large to cover the pain affected area. Even some pads are large enough but not flexible to wrap around the pain affected area. The select item which is large and flexible to wrap.
  • It is necessary to check the cord size of the electric device because the short cord lengths cannot provide provision to plug-in from a distant area.
  • Avoid buying heating pad made with plastic or vinyl body, as the increased temperature can burn the material.
  • Check warranty period for the product and company history to choose a reputed and authentic product.

In this article, we have discussed 10 different variety of electric heating pads with their pros and cons.

It is suggested that before selecting any of these heating pads one must prepare a checklist with recommended buying guideline. This can help you to select the right product.

Dr. Sachin

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