Effective Tips To Deal & Heal Back Pain

Back pain is the one of the most common cause for which people visit the doctor. It is also found that almost four out of five people possibly experiences back pain at certain time in their life.

If you have back pain, only good thing to know is you are not alone that suffer from it, most people around you experiences it too.

Not to mention one but there are multiple reasons why one suffer either dull aching or sudden stabbing back pain.

Poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, underlying inflammatory disease of spine & muscles & excessive stress on back muscles are the most common causes of back pain.


Whatever reason it may be, here are certain ways that can help to relieve back pain.

Start moving

Sitting idle in a chair for long hours can hurt your back.

Our body is not meant to seat in a place & do nothing.  Sitting for hours together puts stress on back muscles causing them to become tight and sore. So start moving as much possible as.

Whether you have back pain or not, do your daily activity that demands moving around. This way you keep your back muscles busy and healthy.

If your work demands to seat at desk for longer hours, do not forget to take a break for 5 minutes after every hour you spend sitting at the desk. Get up from chair, walk around the office, stretch you limbs and back, do simple dance steps for a minute.

Every morning take you puppy for walk or go for swimming or cycling. This way you will able to start your day with simple exercises that you can enjoy doing and also able to move your back muscles.

Improve posture

Most chairs do not provide proper postural support to the back.  So make sure that you use ergonomic chairs to seat during office hours.

We all know that bad posture can affect the large area of our body causing stress & pain. Here are few areas that get affected by our bad posture –

Most common pain area caused by bad posture

Leaning forward while working on a computer is not good for your back health, instead sitting in a chair that support your back with an angle of 110 to 130 degree ideal for spinal health.

Ergonomic chairs help to maintain natural anatomical curves of the spine.  If you are not able to get such chair then using a small pillow to support lumbar region will be the best idea.

When working at desk job we tend to lean forward to avoid this, sit straight and keep your ears in line with shoulders.

Avoid Heavy Baggage

Avoid lifting or carrying heavy baggage for long time, it may trigger back pain.

Heavy baggage puts pressure on your arms and shoulder muscles that also transferred to your back to certain extend.

To lift heavy baggage, bend your knees & lift the weight. Make sure that your back is straight while lifting the weight, so you are not straining spine.

Avoid High Heels

Many women love to wear high heels, but wearing them does not seems to be a good idea.

A high heel puts lot of strain on your knee & back and wearing it regularly can lead to knee & back pain.

Instead opt for a shoe that provide good cushion to your feet and have an inch or less thick heel, such shoe helps to create good posture when you walk.

Avoid Soft mattress

Avoid using soft mattress, as it may trigger back pain by causing poor posture of spine while you are sleeping.

Usually body sinks in the soft mattress which leads to bad spine alignment. This creates strain on spine and back muscles and using such mattress everyday will lead to chronic back pain.

Mattress should provide enough support to natural curves of spine and back which helps to avoid morning soreness of back.

Exercises & Stretches

These are the life saver for those who seats in chair for hours & want to avoid back pain.

Stretching with simple exercises helps to reduce strain on back muscles and helps prevent future pain.

It also helps to regain the correct posture of our spine. Another benefit of stretching & exercise is it triggers release of good hormones that make us happy.

Dr. Sachin

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Amanda Drew - July 18, 2017

I didn’t realize that you could have bad posture while you sleep because of the way your body sinks into a mattress. My back pain has been going on for about a year now, and I would really like to get rid of it. I’ll have to follow some of your suggestions, but I think that I may find and see a health professional about it too.

Heather - August 4, 2017

Switching to a hard mattress has been the best thing for my back pain. And I always make it a point to walk around after an extended time sitting – it really helps! Thanks for sharing!

Ernest London - October 16, 2017

I like that you mentioned that exercising can help your posture, which will help with back pain. My back has been hurting for months, and I am looking for ways to try and make it better. I didn’t realize exercising and stretching could help so much, I will definitely have to start doing these things daily. Thanks for sharing!

Oscar O'Malley - November 10, 2017

I really like that you mentioned how ergonomic chairs can improve spinal health. I work at an office and often finding myself leaning forward in my chair, and when I move around my back hurts. I’ve never considered an ergonomic chair before, but it sounds like a great option!

Steele Honda - November 14, 2017

I liked that you pointed out that high heels will do any good to your back, especially when it comes to back pains. My mother’s back has been hurting for months, and I am looking for ways to help her. She loves wearing high heels, so I will suggest that she stop wearing them and go to the specialist to treat her professionally.


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