Common Foot Problems And Treatment

Foot – one of the most important organ of our body that help us to move from one place to another.

Though we rely so much on them for walking, sometimes they suffer from certain painful conditions which makes standing, running & walking unbearable.

It is possible that you might have experienced one of the following foot ailments at a certain stage of life. Whether it is corn, small blisters, or small pricking injury to foot, you know that any of them can bring lots of pain.

But instead of corns and blisters, foot may suffer from certain more serious ailments which are quite common including fasciitis to gout.

Here are few common foot ailment

Athlete’s foot

Ahtelete’s foot is a common foot problem caused by fungal infection between the toes.

It typically shows symptoms of fungus like itchy, sore, scaly and cracked skin blisters between toes.

Wearing shoes that cause your feet to sweat profusely, walking barefoot in ground that may have fungus or sharing towels can caus this infection to spread among athletes.

How to treat it –

Treatment usually involve application of anti-fungal cream or powder to affected area. [1]

But one can easily prevent this condition by using a pair of dry, thoroughly washed socks everyday. Wet & dirty socks increases chances of contracting fungal infection.

Keep your foot and toes clean by washing them every time you walk barefoot on unhealthy ground of grass.


Plantar Fasciitis

Inflammation of Plantar fascia is commonly called as plantar fasciitis.

It is one of the most common cause of heel and sole pain. It is more common in athletes, belle dancer and runners especially those who does not care to wear shoes that provide good arch support.

How to treat it –

Usually physical therapy, calf muscle stretches and pain reliving pills helps to improve the condition.

Use best shoes that helps to support arch of foot and prevent plantar fasciitis.


Blister is another common issue that people face that caused by wearing wrong footwear.

It makes walking impossible and cause pain. Sometime it may gets infected. Usually it is caused by wearing wrong shoes.

How to treat it

Keep your feet dry and wear well fitting shoes to avoid them.

Once blister start appearing on your feet do not immediately pick them, it may cause infection. Once it get mature and filled with fluid, clean surrounding area & pick it with a sterile needle and close it with a bandage.


Altered metabolism of uric acid in body leads to inflammation of small joints of foot which is know as Gout.

It cause redness, swelling and pain in small joint of foot specially big toe. It is caused by deposition of uric acid crystals in joints. It cause sudden pain and swelling and it is found that men are more prone to be affected by gout.

Good thing about this excruciating painful condition is that it is treatable with right medicines and avoiding certain food products.

How to treat it

Anti-inflammatory medicines can be used to reduce pain, swelling and redness of affected joints as well as doctor will also prescribe uric acid lowering drugs to avoid future attack of gout.

Food to avoid with gout –

  • Avoid eating organ meat like kidneys, sweetbreads & liver.
  • Do not eat seafood like sardines, trout, haddock, tuna, shrimp, lobster and scallop.
  • Also stay away from sweetened beverages, processed food (like bread, chips, ready packed meals etc.)
  • Avoid drinking alcohol & beer.


Bunion is nothing but a small bony bump that may found near the base of big toe. It is a painful swelling that arises at first joint of big toe.

It causes pain and may lead the bones of foot to go out of line. It also causes swelling leading your big toe to crowd against other fingers of foot.

How to treat it

Usually pain relievers help to reduce pain & swelling, some cases may require surgery. One can get custom made shoe insert to reduce intensity of pain and to walk comfortably.

Ladies should avoid wearing high-heels to prevent bunions.

Bone Spurs

Spurs means an extra spike.Bone spurs is defined as an extra layer grown on the bone.

Usually it is a protective layer which is triggered by an excessive friction over the bone.

Apart from the friction, bone spurs can be caused by tightness in muscles, repetitive activities of joints, abnormal foot biomechanics etc.

Back part of the heel is the most common site where a bone spur can be found.

Inferior calcaneal spur and posterior calcaneal spur are the two different type of calcaneal spur.

These spurs usually remain symptom less unless and until it's extra growth of bone starts to hurt surrounding tissues.Sharp stabbing Pain, stiffness or numbness are the common symptoms.​

Corn & Calluses

Corn and calluses are another common problems of foot skin, especially at the bottom of foot.

It is defined as an abnormally thick skin of foot ​and can cause pain in many cases.

It is usually caused by ​excessive friction and pressure on the foot skin, which further leads to friction and skin become hard producing corn and calluses.

Corns - They are small rounded area of thickened foot skin which press into the deep layers and may produce pain.

Hard & Soft corns are the two types of corns.

Calluses - are boarder than corns and also caused by repetiitive friction to foot skin.

Usually painless and tend to grow over the skin of soles. It can be removed using callus remover.

Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenail is the medical condition where the lateral part of toenails grows into surrounding soft tissues and causes inflammation.

The most commonly affected area is Big Toe​. 

In this condition, nails of big toe curls inside and start to invade the soft tissues around the edge of nail.

This triggers inflammation of these tissues and leads to redness, pain and in some cases swelling around big toe. Bleeding and pus formation may occur. 

Tight fitting shoes, badly cut nails and foot injuries ​are the leading causes of ingrown toenails.

How to treat it?

Keep nails and surrounded area around them to keep it clean and debris free.

See the surgeon for partial toenail avulsion.​


One of the most common cause of foot pain is getting sprain.

Sprain affects & bring inflammation to the ligaments and muscles of foot, leading to discomfort while walking.

A sprain is an injury that occurs when we overuse ligaments or muscles of foot during a vigorous activity. These activity twist the ankle and ligaments get stretched beyond it's capability to sustain it.

This leads to inflammation of muscles and ligaments.

How to treat it?

Though sprains are painful in nature and get worse withe very movement, providing complete REST to leg for couple days along with proper pain killer and muscle relaxant pills will solve the problem.

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