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Cherry Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil – Uses & Proerties

Bright red in color & deliciously sweet cherries are native to the Middle East, Europe, North America but has been domesticated for last few centuries.  Turkey, Iran & United States are the major countries that lead in the production of cherries.

This little sweet fruit is also known as ‘Prunus avium‘, while sour cherries are known as ‘Prunus cerasus‘ in the botanical world.

Cherries are widely used in cakes, mocktails, fruit salad and many other recipes to enhance the taste of food. Apart from these culinary uses ripen cherries can be eaten in raw form as a fruit.

Though cherries come with many health benefits, cherries are not actually used to make an essential oil but still, cherry essential oil can have many benefits and a strong aroma.

There are different types of cherry oils available in the market. Some of them are cherry blossom oil, cherry fragrance oil, Maraschino cherry oil, Japanese blossom cherry oil & Black cherry oil. Each of them carries the different scent.

Properties & use of cherry fragrance oil

Cherries come with an abundance of health benefits. They work as anti-oxidant, improve immunity, help to improve gut health and reduce the rate of skin ageing.

But the cherry oil that available in the market are mostly cherry fragrance oil and should not be used internally. But it can be used for various other purposes like in candle & soap making, relaxing tub bath etc.

Using in candles

This fragrance oil can be used in the candles. As the candle burn, it will leave the scent of this fragrance oil in the room and can help to make home environment more relaxing.

Homemade soap

One can use this fragrance oil in homemade soap to add some aroma.

These days many people love to make soap at home and this oil comes to the rescue when you want to add some strong relaxing aroma to your homemade soap. These scented soap can be a great gift for someone who loves using soap of different aroma.

For Relaxing Bath

One can have the relaxing bath by adding few drops of this fragrance oil to the hot water in the bath tub. It provides you with an experience of scented bath and helps your body to relax.

Scenting the home

There is nothing awesome than scenting your home with the aroma that can be relaxing. Cherry fragrance oil has such aroma and when used with essential oil diffuser to scent the room, it can make your home aromatic.

Using in body lotions & oils

It can be used in body lotions, body oils and liquid hand soaps.

Also, can be used in cleaning products like fabric cleaners & tiles cleaner. It makes fabrics & room smell better.




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Kylie Dotts - September 15, 2017

I like how you said that being able to scent your home with something relaxing is a great thing to do. Getting a friend or loved one some kind of fragrance gift set that they can use would probably be a good way to do that. At the very least it would be a good way to make you feel like you smell great!


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