Cervicalgia – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Exercises

Millions of people visit their doctors every year just because of Cervicalgia.

It can range from a simple neck pain to severe condition in which you cannot turn your head from side to side.

It can just be an acute neck pain that may resolve on its own but otherwise, it can progress to a more serious medical condition.

What is Cervicalgia?

Cervicalgia is used to describe the pain in the neck & surrounding shoulder region.

It came from the Latin term “cervic” which means neck and the Greek word “algos” which means pain. It is also another way to describe the intense discomfort from the region of your cervical spine that does not radiate outward.

When you suffer from this condition, it can cause a sharp pain even when you passively move your head but when you relax, the pain will start to fade away. According to the American Chiropractic Association, Cervicalgia occurs more to women than to men.

It can be classified in two different group as per the severity of pain -

  • Acute cervicalgia (also know as acute neck pain)
  • Chronic cervicalgia (also known as chronic neck pain)

Acute Cervicalgia

This is a sever form of neck pain that comes suddenly & sharp in nature.

It require immediate medical attention.

Patient feels sever stabbing & shooting pain in the neck that may radiates to the shoulder and arms.

Chronic Cervicalgia

This kind of pain last for prolonged duration and either mild or moderate in severity.

Usually it is caused by herniated disc or pinching nerve in neck region that triggers continuous dull pain in neck region that radiates to shoulder and corresponding arm.

Causes of cervicalgia

Some of the reasons why people are diagnosed with either acute or chronic neck pain are as follows:

Injury or an accident

Cervicalgia can be the usual outcome of someone who has been injured or has been in an accident especially to those involved in car accidents.

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Whiplash injuries

These injuries leads to the neck pain.

Whiplash injuries are commonly seen in car accidents. Sudden blow during accident causes hyper-flexion of head immediately followed by hyper-extension, which leads to neck injury resulting in the cervicalgia.

Patient often feel sever pain & stiffness after whiplash injuries and need immediate medical attention.

Sport injuries

These kind of injuries may cause microscopic tears in the muscles of neck that can lead to inflammation, swelling and stiffness.

Sometime such tears get healed over time by taking rest but often it causes chronic neck pain.

Sitting and Working Too Long

Sitting in a chair too long can cause neck and back pain.

It is important to know how to take a proper break every once in a while in your working environment. Because if not, this is going to be major crush on back and neck pain.

Those who spend lot of time doing desk jobs and whose work demand sitting for long hours should pay close attention to ergonomically proper setup to avoid neck pain.

Bad Sleeping Position

Sleeping on stomach can increase stress on neck muscles.

If you sleep in this position for long hours then your neck muscles will start aching and might become tight.​

Sleeping on your back with a good pillow that provides enough cushion to your head is an ultimate solution.

Overall Stress

Stress is one of the common cause for neck pain.

Stress builds tight and pressured muscles in the shoulders and neck. People are always quite unconscious in clenching their muscles in that area leading to neck pain.

So to avoid neck pain be stress free, laugh more and live a healthy life.


Getting older is a common cause of many degenerative disease of bone like osteoarthritis. These disease leads to chronic neck pain.

Osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disorders are the common cause of neck pain in old age. It may also cause radiating pain to shoulder and tingling sensation in arms.

The head weighs quite heavily

This is one of the main problems of plus size people. When you have a big body, you are also sure to have a big head. Remember, the neck muscles are responsible for keeping the head erect all the time.

The neck is sore and strained

As stated, neck muscles are keeping your head balanced. But when the muscle is being constrained and used too much, it can cause soreness. This soreness will lead to eventually neck pain.

Sore And Strained Neck Pain

Symptoms of Cervicalgia

Localized neck pain is a leading symptom of cervicalgia. Severity of pain very in different condition as one can feel "stiff neck" while some patient may suffer from sever pain which does not allow to turn you head from one side to another.

This specially because of pain & tight muscles in the neck. Some patient refer these neck pain as "a crick in the neck".

These neck pain may arise when you move your head suddenly & fades away as you take rest and relax your neck muscles.

In some cases this neck pain and discomfort even extend to upper back making upper back tender.

General or localized Neck muscles stiffness, pain, and discomfort is a termed as symptoms of a classic cervicalgia. One can also feel burning sensation in neck region and headache.

It is easy to tell when you have Cervicalgia. The usual symptoms are having a Whiplash. Whiplash is a sudden ache or jolt that you feel in your neck.

You have a hard time in turning your head and your muscles are strained, as well. Symptoms of Cervicalgia also includes having a burning sensation in the lower and upper back of the beck, stiff neck, headache, dizziness, nausea, night sweats and blurred vision.

You can also check if you are feeling tightness in your muscles and you feel that crack in your neck. These symptoms might be simple and easy to ignore but we advise you not to ignore it. As stated, prevention is always better than cure.

Please visit your nearest Chiropractor to perform the right medical check-up for you. The earlier you read and see the signs, the more that you can be aware of what you are feeling. Thus, the earlier you can prevent any serious damage.

So it is always better to consult a doctor to see if these symptoms are simply caused by cervicalgia or pointing to other grievous disease.

Treatment of Cervicalgia

There are special treatments for different kind of Cervicalgia that you are feeling. It all depends on the cause and the neck pain. One thing we don’t want is to let them go untreated.

There are also home remedies to help it heal if it is just a simple case of strain. The best thing to do if you feel and experience the symptoms of Cervicalgia is go to your medical doctor and discuss the best way to go from there.

It is always important to seek the opinion of the expert. Knowing why you are suffering from such condition can be explained by Chiropractors.

When you go to Chiropractors, they will perform thorough examination of your neck and back. They will also lead you to do ice and heat therapy depending on what you need. Also, a simple exercises to relax the muscles.

Cervicalgia exercises

Here are video of few easy exercises that can help you to stretch the neck muscles and reduce cervical region pain.

When you are at home, you can also treat Cervicalgia through this effective home remedies.

Relax  - When you are simply stress and feeling the weight on your head, it might be just a simple neck pain. Try to relax your muscles and exercise.

Ice therapy -  When you have an injury, you can opt to try putting ice to your neck. But again, injuries are crucial. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible to check.

Cervical collar - If you want a complete healing and stress-free, you can try buying and putting on cervical collar. It will be put in your neck. In that way, your neck can fully relax making a vast improvement to where you are in pain.

Pain killer pills - Neck Pains can also be initially cured through over the counter pain relievers. It can reduce your pain but it will not go away just immediately.

· Massaging your neck muscles is a way to start. If it is too sore, don’t. You can put a heating pad in your neck to reduce swelling and soreness.

How to prevent Cervicalgia

Prevention is always better than cure. So here are some of the easy ways to try at home to prevent Cervicalgia:

Make sure that your chair has a support for your back. Mostly, Cervicalgia is because of overused neck muscles. You need to sit comfortably and make sure that you can work or type with your hands not straining. The secret is proper chair and posture.

Also, try exercising your neck and back muscles as much as possible. When you get stressed out, try shaking your hands and perform simple exercise as well.

The best thing to do as well is to check in with your doctor and see what kind of arrangement you can do to prevent it.





Dr. Sachin

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Mahesh - May 25, 2017

Neck pain ? muscle spasms,
What is the solutions, thanks.

    Dr. Sachin - June 1, 2017

    Thank you, Dr. Mahesh, for stopping by our blog.
    With advancement in modern medicine, we have may tool to treat cervical pain, but as you know if the condition is chronic then 100% cure is impossible. But regular exercises, proper cervical posture and with help of medical treatment one can get better relief from these pain.


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