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Burning Foot Pain – What Causes it & Treatment

Are you surprised waking up one day to burning foot pain? Does it cause problems walking? Burning foot pain is often described having uncomfortably ‘hot’ sensation in the foot. It can be mild or severe and sometimes makes walking difficult. Burning pain in arch of foot is almost as same as tingling feet. Doctors call […]

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Foot Rash – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

The rash is an unpleasant and uncomfortable skin condition that causes discomfort and itchiness. A foot rash is a type of rash that occurs in the areas surrounding the feet. It will cause your feet skin area to be flaky, bumpy, and scaly. It is caused by several factors, some of which indicate that something […]

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5 Best Heel Spur Exercises to Relieve Pain

Feel intense pain each time you step down on the heel? You could have a condition known as a heel spur, and it can cause significant problems in mobility.Heel spurs are very common, although not all cases result in heel pain – in fact, some knew having it only as an incidental finding on a […]

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Peroneal tendonitis – Symptoms, Treatment & Exercises

Peroneal tendonitis is an inflammation of peroneal tendon & one of the common cause for the pain on outside of foot.Tendons are anatomical structures that attach muscles to bones, and are a fundamental part of the human locomotor system. Tendons are responsible for transmitting the force of muscle contractions to the bone (rigid structures), generating […]

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Help! Why Does the Bottom of My Foot Itch?

Pruritus…… Yes, itching sensation that we get over the skin is called as pruritis. This pruritus is what makes you want to scratch your skin. No body loves to have itching sensation over the body. Having this itching sensation at the bottom of feet make the scenario even worse. No wonder feet are the primary […]

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