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Plantar Fasciitis Shoes – Guide To Choose Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Finding the best shoes for plantar fasciitis is the most crucial thing for those who live with this painful condition.

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot ailment that causes pain in heel and sole region of foot.

The condition affects individuals in the age brackets of 19-40 and also 41-60 years. Once you have it, it becomes difficult to control and heal it completely.

It requires a lot of your attention and lifestyle changes which may limit your daily routines.

For many people who are active runners or who usually walk for long distances, are likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis. Therefore, having shoes which hold the feet well to avoid shock is essential.

The most effective cure and correction for plantar fasciitis comes with right shoes. With this condition, you will be required to change the shoes which you are fond of using.

Mostly, leather shoes and sandals do not work for this condition. Instead, shoes which protect and support the plantar fascia as well as absorbing the shock while walking are the right ones & prevent plantar fasciitis.

However, there are certain features that you should focus on in your search for the best shoes to prevent the condition.

Best running shoes for plantar fasciitis ​





ASICS Gel Kayano 21



Brooks Adrenaline GTS 14



New Balance 990v3 Running Shoes



What should you look at while buying a shoe for plantar fasciitis?

Although it might seem difficult, selecting plantar fasciitis shoes is an easy.

You only need to know a few about the features and types of these shoes and you will be in the market making the selection for your own.

Mostly, the shoes that we find impressive to go to work or to events with are not the best shoes when it comes to plantar fasciitis. Instead, they increase our chances of contracting the condition or making it worse.

a) Running Shoes

Running shoes are designed to be simple and supportive. These shoes works best in control and prevention of this condition.

They have cushioned heel foot support which holds the heels preventing them from knocks. At the same time, they are fitted with soft inner soles which are likely to take the shape of the foot and its plantar fascia.

b) Shoes Enhanced to Support the Arch

Such shoes have well-designed inner soles which take the shape of the leg.

They are not flat-soled to prevent inflicting pressure on the middle part of the foot and its ligaments while walking or running. Also, they have a slightly raised back sole to enhance arch support during stepping.

c) Fitted with Heel Cushions

These cushions are fitted under the inner soles and at the back part of the shoes carefully. They increase padding and also reduce pressure impact on the foot. Thus, running or prolonged walking does not exact pressure on feet.

d) Removable Inner Soles and Other Inner Parts

Plantar fasciitis shoes have removable orthodontic inserts.

If these parts get worn out, they can be replaced or repaired. In case one feels like these parts are small, rough, or large, they can be replaced to increase the comfort. Mostly, this depends on the size of the foot.

Therefore, in your search for shoes to correct your feet from plantar fasciitis, be sure to check the aforementioned characteristics.

Top 5 Best Men and Women Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

As a result of many people contracting this condition, different companies have been active in producing simple shoes for feet correction.

These companies have been employing health information available about correcting plantar fasciitis during shoes manufacturing.

Most of these shoes are cheaper than the other normal shoes. Additionally, most of them are unisex making it easy to select them.

The shoes are designed to last for long even after they completely perform their role in revitalizing the feet back to their normal conditions. Here are a few examples of them;

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Men

a) Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker For Plantar Fasciitis

This shoe has been noted for its ability to withstand slippery and unsupportive grounds.

It has been termed as one of the most comfortable running shoes. It is made from leather in the outer covering.

The sole of this shoe is elastic and simple to walk with. This sole is also slip resistant thus preventing any possible pressures on the feet.

It has cushions in the interior fitted on the arch position and under the inner sole. The inner soles are well-designed to induce support on the plantar fascia as well as the arch.

The back part of the shoe is also slightly designed to be upper than the front part. This aids walking and stepping.



  • It has leather parts which increases its durability.
  • It is a casual shoe which can be easily worn together with different clothing.
  • The shoe does not have excess fittings in the interior. Thus, its size usually fit the same size foot.
  • It is very comfortable and light to walk with.
  • You can be able to add more orthotic insert to regulate the size or the comfort.
  • The shoe comes with a higher cost than other shoes.
  • Due to its designation in the interior, its different sizes appear to be smaller.

b) New Balance 990v3

New Balance 990v3 For Men With Plantar Fasciitis

The shoe is one of the best in preventing plantar fasciitis. It has a supportive inner sole and cushions which prevent shock.

The shoe takes on the shape of the body after wearing severally. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for different feet types.

The shoe is strong enough to withstand heavy body weights. Thus, it supports the foot comfortably without flattening on the sole. This is essential for correct posture of the plantar fascia.



  • The shoe does not have excess fittings in the interior. Thus, its size usually fit the same size foot.
  • It is very comfortable and light to walk with.
  • You can be able to add more orthotic insert to regulate the size or the comfort.
  • At times, the shoe is susceptible to slips.
  • Mostly, people take it as a simple shoe as it lacks the features of many top shoes.

c) Saucony Men’s Grid Omni

Saucony Men’s Grid Omni For Plantar Fasciitis

This shoe is noted for its foot stability. It is well fitted with cushions in the interior to increase the foot comfort while walking or running.

The shoe has cushions at the rear part to provide support to the arch after standing upright for a long time. This effect is enhanced by its Rearfoot Grid System.

Its shoe laces enhances one to control the shoe fit in case of excess warmth and also after running or walking for a long time.

It is a long lasting shoe. Therefore, you do not have to fear contracting the condition any time soon with this shoe.



  • The shoe is cheap to purchase
  • It is a casual office wear shoe, thus, you can wear it with different clothing..
  • It is long lasting as some of its parts are made from leather
  • Its thick sole can be heavy and a bit difficult to walk with after walking or running for a long distance

d) Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic For Plantar Fasciitis

The most admirable feature of this shoe is the rubber sole that is very comfortable and relaxing to walk with.

The shoe is fitted with cotton cushions in the interior on the sides and under the inner sole. Also, the inner sole is designed to support the plantar fascia and its shape.

Its shoe laces are essential for adjustments when there is excess warmth or after walking for longer distances. The shoe is also spacious to fit in every size of foot.



  • The shoe is manufactured using leather. Thus, it is durable able to withstand different rough uses such as running over rocks.
  • It has soft cotton cushions which are essential for allergic people.
  • It is spacious in the interior. Thus, it keeps the foot and especially the toes free.
  • The shoe is not favorable for running as it is heavier than other shoes.
  • The shoe comes with a higher price than other shoes in the market.

e) ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 22

The shoes are extra light. They are also well-fitting as they come with all the shoe sizes for different feet. They are well-designed with cushions and on the interior sides to increase support to the foot.

They have inner soles which are strong enough to support the arch and the plantar fascia. The shoes are fitted with an elastic rubber sole which is easy to walk or run with even over steep terrains.

They are relatively cheaper than many other shoes in the market.


- They are cheap yet very protective.

- They are perfect to walk or run with over hills and steep slopes.

- Their inner soles can be removed and replaced if they get torn.


- The shoes are difficult to wash and maintain.

- When used on regular basis, they easily get worn out.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Women

a) NIKE Dual Fusion Run 2

NIKE has very many effective plantar fasciitis shoes brands. This shoe is a perfect example of NIKE shoes which are effective in correcting plantar fasciitis.

The shoe has breathable air spaces on the side to regulate the amount of warmth generated in the shoe during running or walking. Therefore, the chances of your leg swelling more are reduced.

It is a light shoe with a rubber sole that easily curves as you take steps. The shoe has laces to adjust the tightness inflicted on the foot. In the interior, it is fitted with cotton cushions which support the arch and the plantar fascia.


- The shoe is cheap and affordable.

- It is light to walk or run with for short or far distances.

- It does not have excessive fittings in the interior. This makes its sizes to reflect those of different feet.


- The sole of the shoe may, at times, be difficult to walk or run with as it is somewhat thick.

b) Women’s Orthaheel Action Walker

The shoe has been a choice to many especially due to its patented orthaneel arch support.

Its inner soles also have deep heel cup which supports the heel and prevent it from shocks during walking or running. The shoe has cotton cushion on the interior sides to support and hold the foot well from knocks and shocks.


- The cushions and the inner soles provide a guarantee for maximum heel and arch support.

- The shoe is recommended for pronators.


- The shoe doe not last for a long time.

- It is difficult to wash and maintain.

c) Saucony Guide 9

Various researches come with various findings. The saucony guide shoes have been improved and refined regularly in an attempt to come up with the best resolution for feet problems.

The saucony guide 9 is the lately most refined shoe in the market. With its cushions in the interior, the shoe is able to support the arch and the entire foot.


- Favorable for long distance walking or running.

- It is well-designed with cushions thus increasing comfort and stability.


- The shoe is not durable.

- Too many colors on the shoe may not impress you.

d) NEW Balance W1340

This shoe has been embraced by many women as the most perfect training shoe. It has Stabilicore Medial Support System which aids in the heel strike up to toe-off action.

It has also been noted for its tarsal stability as it supports the plantar fascia with its well-designed inner sole. It is effective for many runners or trainers who have had heel and foot pain in their previous experiences.


- The shoe is relatively cheap as compared to its features and benefits.

- It is durable. It is made from fine materials buffered with leather. Thus, although it is used in physical activities, it is able to last for a longer time.


- The shoe has short laces which may be ineffective for broad foot.

- Its interior fittings may affect its size causing to be a bit smaller that the size indicated.

e) Brook Addiction Walker V-Strap

The shoe has Velcro straps which aid the foot as you wear it. It has cushions on the interior sides which prevent unnecessary foot motions.

Its inner soles are well-designed to support the plantar fascia and the heel from knocks and shock as you walk or run over rocks or uneven grounds.


- The shoe is spacious and comfortable. It has a broad and enough space for toes.

- You can change the orthotic removable inserts if you want to adjust it.


- The shoe is not preferred by many as a fashionable shoe.

- It is not a long lasting shoe

ASICS Kayano 21

Asics Gel Kayano 20 For Mens


  • Good Control Over Motion
  • Better Stability
  • Provide good alignment to foot.
Asics Gel Kayano 20 For Womens

For Women

  • Good Motion Control
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Midsole Cushion
  • Padded Tongue & Collar


There many shoe shoes in the market today which are effective and efficient in the prevention and correction of plantar fasciitis for both men and women.

It all depends on your knowledge in the selection of the best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Also, as you seek to find a proper shoe to correct and prevent this condition; be sure to find a durable shoe.

A durable shoe will assure you of a longer time without thinking about any feet issues again. Check the features of any shoe before you buy it rather than necessarily relying on the information about it that is provided by other sources or its manual.

Dr. Sachin

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