Best Mattress For Scoliosis – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2017)

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This might come as surprise for those who suffers from scoliosis, that there are some useful mattress available to help you sleep better with scoliosis.

Yes, that's right, now we can have some really good mattress that goes very well if you have back pain issues.

It is crucial to have at least 6 to 7 hours of refreshing sleep, to live healthy life. Unfortunately many of us fail to get that much amount of sleep every night.

Especially those who are suffering from some back problems like scoliosis, a condition of spine (where spine get deviated towards the lateral side) make it worse.

Those who suffer from this debilitating condition can understand, how troublesome it is to sleep with a curved spine.

Vertebral column is one of the most important part of our body that protect spine and provide stability to back, making it easy for us to maintain the balance of body in upright position.

Buying the best mattress for scoliosis is time consuming task, it involves studying every mattress out there for its size, shape, back support, and prize.It's not just that easy to pick one and go home.

That's why we have done some heavy lifting for you and enlisted the top mattress for scoliosis.

Hand Picked: Top Scoliosis Mattress

Before we divulging to review those selected mattress, we would love to point your attention toward some important factors about scoliosis and the things you should look while buying mattress.

Why these specific mattress in scoliosis?

As stated above, scoliosis is a lateral curvature of spine.Normally, our spine have couple of antero-posterior (Anterior means front and posterior mean back side) curvatures but not the lateral (lateral means either left or right side, away from center of body). These normal curvatures gives spine it's famous S-shape.

Abnormal curvature in the spine leads to pain in back and makes sleeping a worse experience.

Almost 80% cases of scoliosis fails to provide any cause & termed as scoliosis with idiopathic cause, some other medical conditions like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, Marfan syndrome, Relts syndrome and neurofibromatosis may cause scoliosis.

In some cases genetic link may found.

Scoliosis can be found in children, adolescent and adults and predominant in females.

Finding best mattress for scoliosis is one of the most crucial step that one can take, to ensure they get some good sleep. Scoliosis cause back pain that make it worse to get sound sleep and in such conditions spine support while sleeping plays big role

Dr. Sachin 
Wellness Advisor

Scoliosis & Sleep Problems

Less amount of sleep on daily basis can take a troll on our health.

A sound sleep ensures that our body gets the good rest it deserve, and gets sufficient time to repair itself.

But with increasing stress of work, seating for hours in front of computer and rapidly growing urbanization can cause sleeplessness even in a normal person. Now, add severe back pain to all these causes of sleeplessness and you will able to understand why people with scoliosis need proper back support and a well designes mattress.

Some people can have very mild curve in their spine which does not show any symptoms and can able to live pain free life, while some have severe curve which leads to profound pain and marked symptoms of scoliosis.

To reduce the suffering, a proper sleeping positions should be maintained in the view of good spine support and relieve back pain.

Individualised mattresses for scoliosis

Selecting mattresses for scoliosis is a matter of individualization.

"One for all" approach does not work well here, as every patient have its own severity of disease, and exhibits symptoms accordingly.

Some patient have mild scoliosis and could able to sleep better without especial mattresses while those who are affected severely need to pay attention to their bed to ensure sound sleep.

However, apart from the personal preferences, there are some specific things need to be addressed while buying best bed for scoliosis.

We covered these few unique specification that one must see, while getting new bed for scoliosis.

No Saggy Mattresses

A big NO for saggy mattresses.

They make you to sink in bed unevenly, making scoliosis even worse leading to severe pain throughout the night. Saggy mattresses may cause irritation to joints of spinal column.

Does multiple mattresses option available?

Seems like they are.

But when we started researching many of them got ruled out. So we can say that there are very limited option available for patient to chose from. Everyone's preference differs. Either from price point of view or some personal reasons.

So it is always better to see the features of all mattresses, then add your personal preference and decide which one fits into your requirement.

There are many companies that make these mattresses and one should chose by considering weight, firmness, temperature requirements, foam vs latex material, longevity and personal requirement.

Need Relief? Use Foam Mattresses

Despite many recommendation for latex mattresses by doctors (because it helps to keep your spine in good alignment) many people found relief using foam mattresses.

Though, DENSITY of foam makes difference. Foam mattresses with more than 5lbs+ density tend to be a good choice as they provides good spinal alignment and optimal back support.

What should I look for, while buying mattresses?

​You can look for multiple things, before you buy.

Related to Mattresses

  • Good Spinal Support 
  • Firmness Vs Softness (Individual Preference)
  • Longevity (Should be replaced after 8 to 10 Yrs)
  • Latex Vs Memory Foam (Chose Memory Foam for Scoliosis)

Related to Your Body

  • Body Weight (More Weight = More Firm Mattresses, )
  • Temperature Sensitivity 
  • Body Comfort Level
  • Preferred sleep position
  • Other Preferences - like colors, flipping & rotating the bed etc

Good Spinal Support

This one is crucial factor to look for while buying a mattress for your back pain caused by scoliosis.

Abnormal spinal curvature can also alter the way mattress support your spine. So, choose wisely and see if mattress is firm enough to provide support and soft enough to give the comfortable feeling.​

​Firmness vs Softness of Mattress

Though, choosing a firm or soft mattress is an individual choice, ​people who prefer to sleep on back should opt for firm mattress. 

Those who are side sleepers should get themselves a soft mattress. It provides good support and relief on the pressure points on shoulder and​ hip joints. 

Usually, people with thoracic scoliosis prefer the soft mattress.​

Mattress Material

Choosing a mattress that provides you a comfortable sleep and ​help to reduce pain, should be the primary focus.

But, do not ignore the material that make a mattress​. Because not all mattress are made up using the same kind of material. So pay attention, whether it uses memory foam, latex foam or hybrid.

  • Memory Foam
  • Latex Foam
  • hybrid

The foam mattress are constructed using a special technology called as 'Layered technique', so it can provide the required comfort without altering the support of spine.

Memory foam is a popular choice among the back pain sufferers due to its conforming properties. They can adjust with you spine position as well as can provide relief from the heat.

More Tips to Consider Before You Purchase the Mattress

Though we have discussed the most important factor that one needs to consider before purchasing the mattresses, you also need to consider the following things.

Affordability - Can you afford that?

After considering the spinal health & some personal preferences, one has to look for the affordability. You should get the best quality mattress that can suits to your pocket. Also, make sure that you refer the multiple brands of mattress by visiting different showrooms as well as going to online portals.

Your Needs - Pay attention to personal needs.

Buying mattress are not only subjected to your comfort, spinal health and body weight. You should also pay attention to other needs. Like buying a mattress that provides cooler night sleep; in case you are a hot sleeper. Also, ask your sleeping partner what they prefer and whether they are okay with your selection of mattress.

How about Mattress toppers?

If you have old bed which provide little support to body, then you might think to use toppers.

It is usually good for those who have scoliosis or some other chronic body pain syndrome like fibromyalgia.

Mattress toppers are nothing but just an extra cushion that take cares of support.

Task of choosing the best bed for scoliosis seems to take your valuable time, but believe us it will be the worthy decision before you buy a bed.Because you will end up having a good bed that support your back for next 10 years and may be you will save money by doing so.

Resort Sleep Memory Foam Mattress (Editor's Choice)

Resort Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress provides the good firm support. It is one of those mattress, which provides a almost perfect firm support. It is neither too hard or too soft, it just a perfect blend for the requirements of many people who suffers from scoliosis of other chronic back pains. Many people found it extremely comfortable as it perfectly conforms to the back when a person lay down.

This helps to provide a better support to back and help to reduce chronic pain in conditions like fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and RA.

The most awesome feature of this mattress is it comes with breathable ingredients that keeps your body cool and helps you to fall asleep easily. It's cooling technology of helps to remove heat from body and provide cooling experience.

For those who worries about dust mites and cleanliness of mattress, please note that it comes with inbuilt anti-microbial and dust mite resistance feature.One can easily able to remove the fabrics and wash it out.

Best Price Mattress With Pocket Coil Springs (Best Buy)

best practice mattress with pocket coil spring

Ability to provide comfort and firm support are the two main characteristics of this mattress.

Awesomeness of this mattress lies in its specialized spring technology.

As name suggest, it have multiple springs that move independently when external pressure applied. So whenever you will lay down on the bed, you will feel the comfort that these springs bring to your back.

With every spring moving independently, it able to provide the pushback & support to our body at any part individually.

This feature can make this bed a great buy for those couple, among who one partner can't able to tolerate movement of bed caused by other.

Bed Boss Foam Mattress (Top Pick)

Best Boss Luxury Foam Mattress

Buying this will be an awesome deal that comes in bundle with 60 days guarantee.

This beats Tempur-pedic for its insanely low price as compared to the Tempur-pedic, but when we compare it with all other mattress that got selected for scoliosis then this price goes on a little higher side.

But buying this will worth your money as it come with bundle of bed, sheets and pillows.

This bed provides the softer feeling to the person who lays on it and still able to give your back necessary support. It comes with higher cushion level which is a good feature that allows an easy way to go out & in this bed.

Why to buy this?

Simply because it well enough to provide necessary support to body and most importantly it comes with 60 days return policy.Buy it, use it and see if it works well with your body or not. If it is not a good fit for you then just return it within 60-days.

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