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10 Best Lumbar Support for Car That Work

Back pain is a very common problem affecting people of all ages. However, back pain is more common among adults between 35 and 55 years old. A poor posture, lifting heavy things, improper lifting, standing for long periods of time, sitting for long periods of time, bending awkwardly and even long driving, are the most common causes of back pain.

Driving when having back pain can be a real challenge sometimes. Regardless if you are just driving to the grocery store or if you have a long trip coming up, you should consider lumbar supports for cars as an option that can help you relieve back pain and discomfort.

These lumbar supportive pillows are designed to take the strain off the back when in a seated position, relieving the pain and increasing your comfort. When used for a long time, these lumbar supports for cars can help you correct the poor posture as well. Which are the best lumbar supports for cars?

What is a Lumbar Support?

Before reviewing some of the lumbar supports for cars available on the market today, first, let’s see what a lumbar support is.

The lower part of the human’s back is known as the lumbar region. The spine has a natural curvature of the lumbar region that bends slightly inwards.

This natural curvature due to long driving, poor posture, or sedentary life can by force be shifted outwards, leading to back pain.

Back pain can be either acute or chronic. With the help of a lumbar support pillow, the pressure on the lower back can be minimized, relieving the tightness and pain, correcting spine flexion.

The lumbar support tends to correct the poor posture of the spine which is the cause of pain in the first place. Further damage and further back problems are prevented with a lumbar support as well.

However, you should keep in mind that lumbar supports can’t cure your back condition, but they can help a lot when driving your car. 

Benefits of using lumbar support while driving

The benefits of using lumbar support while driving are immeasurable.

As many people deal with back problems on daily basis, and as many have chronic back problems that last for months and even years, lumbar support is often a must.

A good thing is that many of back problems that people tend to face are preventable.

When sitting, we tend to slouch forward, increasing this way the pressure on the five vertebrae of the lumbar part of the spine. This is a result of a poor body posture, one of the very bad habits people tend to have.

The habit of poor body posture is very hard to break. All this slouching forward causes the lumbar part of the spine to bend outwards instead of inwards, in the opposite direction of its natural curvature.

In cases when the lumbar part of the spine is curved in an unnatural position for a prolonged period of time, serious back problems develop leading to certain discomfort and back pain. The muscles will get tighter and cramp, the nerves will get pinched and the vertebrae can permanently change their normal structure.

These back pain issues vary from one person to the other from mild, moderate and even severe, leading to acute back pain and later chronic back pain.

Everyone who has had a back problem once in their life understands the need to avoid it. Lumbar supports for cars are a great way to relieve the back pain and prevent further damage to the back. With the help of a lumbar support, you will improve your posture. Lumbar supports for cars available on the market today are extremely easy to use and affordable as well.

Choosing the right lumbar support is not an easy thing. There is plenty choice for you. Here are some of the best lumbar supports for cars that you can choose from:

Memory Foam Back Cushion by Everlasting Comfort

Memory foam back cushion by Everlasting Comfort relieves both, acute or chronic pain due to a backache, muscle ache, stenosis, herniated disc, arthritis, general sore backs.

Thanks to the ergonomic design it can be used for other parts of the back and not only on the lumbar part.

With the dual straps, the Memory foam back cushion is securely tightened to the back of the car seat so it doesn’t fall or slide down while driving.

This best - selling lumbar support pillow is made from superior quality memory foam, providing a perfect blend of comfort and support for the upper, mid or low back.

In cases of an odor, you can put the memory foam back cushion on the dryer on low heat for about 30 minutes with a scenic fabric softener sheet.


  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • square-o
    Can be used for other parts of the spine such as the neck or thoracic area and not just for the lower back.
  • square-o
    Hypoallergenic mesh cover allows airflow through the cushion to keep the back cool and dry


  • Doesn’t fit on most chairs and mostly suitable only for car seats.
  • square-o
    You need to pay for return shipping. 

One of the best lumbar support cushions available on the market today is the Lumbar support back cushion by LoveHome.

This memory foam cushion is even recommended by chiropractors and tested by orthopedic specialists.

Lumbar support back cushion by LoveHome has an ergonomic design that allows it to perfectly fit along the curvature of the spine providing maximum support.

The high - density memory foam provides a perfect balance between firmness and softness for a better health of your back. The ventilated mesh cover allows airflow through the cushion to keep the back cool and dry.

The cover is removable and washable as well. The adjustable elastic straps fit in many chairs, meaning that this lumbar supportive back cushion is compatible with any car seat, truck seat, chair, wheelchair, etc.


  • 60 - day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • square-o
    Suitable for a variety of car seats and chairs
  • square-o
    Good size and shape


  • Can’t provide enough support due to being too soft

Lower Back Pain Cushion by SimplePosture

If you have ever experienced back pain and discomfort while driving, the Lower back pain cushion by SimplePosture is the solution.

It gently supports the natural curvature of the spine, providing the necessary support. It’s firm enough to provide maximum support but soft at the same time to still feel comfy.

Thanks to double adjustable straps and anti - slip back covers the cushion will remain in its place.

Two free bonus extension straps are included as well, which allows this lumbar supporter to fit on almost all car seats and chairs, big or small.

The breathable mesh cover allows airflow through the cushion to keep the back cool and dry. Thanks to its compact size it can be easily transported. It’s not too small to not provide the necessary support, but it’s not too bulky as well.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • square-o
    Good level of firmness
  • square-o
    Easy portability and storage due to its compact size
  • square-o
    Made from slip resistant materials that prevent it from sliding
  • square-o
    Two free bonus extension straps included


  • Can slip down between uses in some car seats

Stop the suffering with the Memory foam lumbar cushion by Ziraki. It’s designed to fit perfectly along your spine providing maximum support and relieving any pain or discomfort.

The molded memory foam pillow not only provides relief, but it also helps you correct the poor body posture. Thanks to its design it can be easily transported.

The travel bag that is included makes its transportation even easier. Extra adjustable straps make sure that this supportive pillow fits on various car seats, but also in office chairs or any chairs at home, wheelchairs, etc.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • square-o
    Soft gray velvet fabric
  • square-o
    A travel bag is included for easy transportation


  • After continuous use for a prolonged period, it may lose its shape.

Memory Foam Back Cushion with Mesh Support by Sweet Relief

If you have problems with your back, or if you simply want to avoid them the Memory foam back cushion with mesh support by Sweet Relief is perfect for you.

The orthopedic and high - quality memory foam provides the support your lower back needs when driving or working.

The perfect balance between lumbar support and comfort, as well as, the perfect balance between softness and firmness are just the thing you need.

The mesh support included is made from extremely breathable materials, while the adjustable straps allow it to fit perfectly in many car seats and chairs.


  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • square-o
    Breathable and odor free fabric
  • square-o
    Free additional lumbar support is included


  • The free mesh doesn’t provide the necessary support needed for some users.

Recommended by chiropractors and physiotherapists, the Lumbar support back pillow by ComfiLife provides not only pain relief but it corrects bad body posture as well.

It’s made from a high density and durable memory foam, providing long – lasting comfort and support.

The breathable 3D mesh covering allows airflow and reduces heat buildup on the back.


  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • square-o
    Easily cleaned due to a removable cover
  • square-o
    Made of a high – density memory foam


  • Not suitable for larger car seats or truck seats due to short straps.

If you are looking for maximum support than choose the Lumbar support pillow and seat cushion by Soft & Care. This set of two premium cushions, available for a great price will provide relief from your back pain and pressure.

This set of two orthopedic cushions is made from breathable 3D mesh which allows proper airflow. Premium quality memory foam provides the necessary support and comfort.

The two adjustable straps help them remain in place, while the seat cushion is made from a non – slippery material. As you need your phone or your MP3 music with you, the side pockets on the lumbar supportive pillow are perfect for this purpose.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • square-o
    2 types of cushion both a lumbar support pillow and a seat cushion for all back problems.
  • square-o
    Soft and comfortable velour covers.
  • square-o
    Side pockets for phone or MP3.
  • square-o
    Easy cleanable with the washable velour cover with zipper


  • The seat cushion tends to flatten over time.

Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion by Go Lumbar Support

The mesh lumbar back cushion by Go Lumbar Support is made to fit the shape of your lower back. The rubber massage heads apply a gentle pressure which helps relieve any back tension.

It fits almost any car, while the breathable mesh guarantees not to sweat even in warm days.

Easy to use elastic bands make sure that it remains in its place and doesn’t slip while on the road. It’s also durable and stylish made from premium pp, elastic rubber, and silicon resin


  • Doesn’t slip once placed on the car seat.
  • square-o
    The rubber massage heads relieve the back tension.
  • square-o
    Maximum airflow reduces the sweat.


  • Not very suitable for petite due to its bulky size.

The memory foam pillow provides the back support you need.

Even though it will feel very firm at first, you will have a remarkable decrease of back pain and discomfort. 

Extended straps help it fit easily on any car seat or chair. 


  • 100% lifetime refund warranty.
  • square-o
    Comfortable and very effective.
  • square-o
    A firm cushion for high levels of support.


  • Not suitable for larger car seats due to short straps.

Premium Hybrid Gel Lower Back Pain Cushion by Comfort Cloud Orthopedics

This premium memory foam lumbar support cushion has an integrated cooling gel layer which improves the body posture and resists flattering over time.

It’s easy to clean, stain resistant and made from a breathable and removable polyester mesh cover. The adjustable elastic straps have a side release buckle and are easy to use.

For a better fit and comfort this supportive cushion has a taller profile compared to similar products available on the market.

Thanks to the non - slippery pad on the back it will remain on its place. The cushion is just right, not too soft, but no too dense at the same time as well.


  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • square-o
    High – quality lumbar support.
  • square-o
    Innovative cooling gel included


  • Not very suitable for petite due to its bulk size.

How to choose the right lumbar support for car?

Choosing the right lumbar support is quite simple. It should be comfortable, made with good materials, durable, portable, and beneficial for your health.

The design is also important, as it must fit the shape of your spine for maximum support.

Before purchasing a lumbar support you should consider the following:

  • Shape
  • Material
  • Portability
  • Suitability to the car

The shape of the lumbar support is one of the things you should pay attention to when choosing a lumbar support to use while driving.

Lumbar supports that are of a high quality will fit perfectly providing a very good support for your back.

It is also important for the lumbar support not to press your back on the sides or pinch any nerves. If this occurs, you will end up with more damage than good.

The material of which the lumbar support is made of is very important. As these are used on daily basis and for a long term, lumbar supports should be comfortable when using and durable at the same time. This means that high quality lumbar supports are a must. When buying a lumbar support choose the ones made from a breathable material and that is easy to clean.

If the lumbar support is portable or not is also one of the things you should think off when choosing the best lumbar support for you. The best lumbar supports available on the market today are easily portable. If you have more than one car, or if you often travel with your friends and family in their cars, you shouldn’t forget your lumbar support cushion to take with you. You can use your lumbar support cushion not only in your car, but also in your office or at home, if you spend many hours working in a seated position in front of a computer or desk.

If the lumbar support is suitable for the car you have is another thing you should look when choosing a lumbar support. Not every portable lumbar support will suit your care. Some lumbar supports might have shorter straps while other may be too bulky. For this reason, do some research before buying a lumbar support and check which one better suits your car.

Precautions when using lumbar support for lower back pain

When choosing a lumbar support for your back you should stay away from those who have a poor quality.

If you decide to buy a lumbar support cushion of a bad quality, you risk damaging your back even more. A lumbar support cushion made of low quality materials or a poorly shaped lumbar support cushion will not provide the necessary support your back needs. Also, this poor quality lumbar support cushion will not last for long.

Build in lumbar support cushions are also not so good to use as they can’t be transported from one car seat to the other. If you have more than one car, or if you just travel with your friends and family in their cars, build in lumbar support cushions can’t go with you. Also, build in lumbar support cushions are less supportive as traditional lumbar supports as they tend to have less structural support.

If you prefer a firm support than you should get a standard foam back support. However, if you prefer something softer than get a memory foam cushion or a shallower cushion.

Lumbar supports can’t help you manage all back problems. It’s always better to see a healthcare professional for your back pain and back problems.

Even though you don’t need a prescription to get a lumbar support, seeing a professional is a wise thing to do, especially if these back problems are serious and persist for some time. If you already suffer from back problems that you are aware off and if you already consulted a professional healthcare, using lumbar support cushions while driving can be very beneficial. It might be just the thing you need.

When it comes to the health of your back you should be very careful. As mentioned, many people worldwide deal with back problems. Driving in such a condition can be quite a challenge, especially if you are going on a long drive.

Lumbar supportive cushions are the perfect solution for those who are looking for some extra support as they quickly and effectively correct the body posture while seated.

However, you should be very careful when buying a lumbar support cushion. Look for their shape, size, material, portability, and suitability to the car you have.

Choose a lumbar support that is made from material of a high quality and that is easy to clean. Lumbar supportive cushions are not just a good thing while driving, but they can be also used on the couch, chair, wheelchair, or even while flying.

Dr. Sachin

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