Best LED Grow Lights Reviews: 10 Top Rated Pick for the Money

Finding the best LED grow lights is a daunting process.

So our experts reviewed some leading brands of grow lights in the market to help you choose the better one. Though buying a perfect grow light doesn’t cost you a fortune but definitely, ask for some big investment.​

There are several factors that you can consider while buying a good LED light for your grow room. The powerful light should be the must have feature of every LED light for grow room, as powerful light cab able to cover the maximum area of the room and help your plants to grow healthy.

The second most important factor is to see if you will require all-purpose light or not. Some prefer an all-purpose light while some opt for multiple lamps that may help for flowering.

By using LED lights one can be sure that they do not require to replace the bulbs as well as they can keep the room temperature under control. While using HID HPS lights can be a headache as one has to deal with ballast, high temperature and replacing the bulb often.​

Hand Picked: Top LED Grow Lights on the Market​






Advanced Platinum Series P900

515 Watts

6 x 4.5 Sq.ft. 

18" Height


Advanced LED Lights XML 650

1000 Watts

5.5 x 5.5 Sq.ft.

18" Heights


Advanced Platinum Series P600

600 Watts

6 x 3.75 Sq.ft.

18" Height


Advanced Platinum Series P300

300 Watts

4.5 x 3.8 Sq.ft.

18" Height


California Lightworks 440W

440 Watts

3 x 3 Sq.ft.


G8LED 600W

600 Watts

18 Sq.ft.


G8LED 450W

450 Watts

12 Sq.ft.


MarsHydro Reflector 410W

410 Watts

4 x 4 Sq.ft.


Galaxy Hydro 300W

300 Watts

2 x 2.5 Sq.ft.


Apollo Horticulture GL45 LED

135 Watts

2 x 2 Sq.ft.


LED grow light buying guide - How to chose the best one?​

Before opting for any light, consider the following things that will help you to make an informed decision while buying the best led grow light for the money.

The area to be covered

One must pay attention to the area of grow room that needs to be covered with light. Knowing an exact area can help to decide how much LED lights will be required to buy as well as which types of LEDs needs to buy. More the space to light, more LED lights needs to be placed in grow room.

Growth phases of plant

Usually, you will need the full-spectrum LED grow lights to help your plant grow perfectly in all phases.

LED lens angle

Beam angle must be considered, as it will decide how the light will be distributed across the grow room. Lesser beam angles provides the lower dispersion. Greater beam angles help to disperse light properly across the grow room and provide more coverage.


This is one of the most important thing one has to consider, as LED lights with great features can be costlier. Adjust your budget as per the requirement of light and its various features.​

Should you opt for full-spectrum LED grow lights?

This question is repeatedly being asked by many plant grower as these kinds of lights are relatively new and very few people are aware of its feature and usefulness.

You should buy full-spectrum LED lights and the reason is obvious.

Usually, sun light is considered as full-spectrum light and it is useful for the proper growth of plants. Full-spectrum LED lights mimic the natural daylight from the sun. (Though, it can't replace the benefits of sunlight, as natural light can vary as per the time of day and environment.)

Full-spectrum lights can reduce the cost on a long run, does not require the ballast, keep the room cool as well as can help to produce the good plant.

Longevity is another reason to use these lights. Full-spectrum lamps can run over the 50,000 hrs.

With these awesome features, you can consider using these lights without any doubts.​

Reviews of best LED grow lights for cannabis​

Here are reviews of some best indoor LED lights that can be helpful for the growing plants in the grow room.​

Advanced Platinum Series P900 Review (Editors Choice)

Advanced Platinum Series P900 - Best LED Grow Light

This 12 band LED grow light is useful for veg & flowering. It is made by using the full-spectrum LED technology and can help to keep the grow room cool.

Being a full-spectrum light it also provides the sufficient light to plants that mimic the sunlight. Another prominent feature of this light is that it uses "3x intensity" technology. That means it poses the ability to provides more brightness to plants than any other LED lights in the market. This feature is an exclusive trademark of P900.

Also, it generates UV light, infrared as well as 12 bands of light. Infrared and UV waves of light are not visible to the human eye but useful for many plant growth like cannabis.

Cannabis plants use infrared for stem growth regulation & flowering. P900 LED panel is designed to help in every stage of cannabis plant growth.

This LED panel encourages the solid cannabis growth by providing the light directly into the canopy of plant. For this purpose, they have provided two switches to the panel. One is called as 'Veg' while other is 'Bloom'. The veg switch should be kept on during the sprouting phase while Bloom switch should be used to increase an intensity of light during blooming phase of plant growth.

P900 has the ability to provide solid intensity while using only 515 watts of electric power and that's the reason you can easily replace the 1000 watt HPS with this awesome grow light. This reduction in electricity uses can significantly reduce the overall cost of growing cannabis and provides high-intensity light at the same time. It's a double win.

Light from P900 LED panel can able to cover around 4 to 6 feet of grow room area when suspended above the 18-inches from the ground. This height is an important thing to consider, as growing plant need more intense light and P900 can easily cover 3 to 4 feet of area for a well-grown plant. Usually, well-grown cannabis plant consumes approximately 1 square feet of grow room space. So this panel can easily flower 12 to 24 at the same time.

Though this is not a cheap option for grow room light for growing the cannabis, with its awesome features and cost saving ability; it does make a perfect light for plants.​

Advanced Platinum Series P600 Review (Best Buy)

Another advanced platinum grow light that one can use for the grow room.

This LED light comes with a premium price and growers may find it costly but when you see its features, you can easily shell out bucks for this grow light.

Advanced Platinum Series P600 -Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

One can easily set up this light in grow room and it will last longer as it is made up of durable material. P600 is one of the best LED grow light for your grow room that can help you get high yield and save some money on power usage. So it is useful in long run.

It can cover almost 2 to 5 square feet, so a single panel can help you to grow approximately 6 to 10 plants of marijuana.

It has powerful fans that keep grow room environment cool and provides intense light at the same time. Light is so intense that it can easily penetrate the leaf of plant.

Maker of these light has strong confidence in P600, not because it sell so well but because they build it with care and that is the reason it comes with the 5 year warranty.It doesn't stop there, they also have 90 days not-satisfied return policy in place.

With all this unbeatable features and great warranty period, no doubt that it wins the heart of buyer.​

Advanced Platinum Series P300 Review (Top Pick)

Love the features of P900 but do not have enough budget to buy it? Then, P300 comes to your rescue.

This light is cheaper than the P900 & P600 but can provide you all those features of costlier LED lights. Advanced platinum series P300 is built for those who are on low budget and have small grow rooms.

Advanced Platinum Series P300

It covers the 4.5 by 3.8 square feet area of grow tent when tied at 18 inches height. It is a best buy for small tents or one can easily mix it with other cheaper LED lamps for the larger grow rooms.

It has ability to replace the 400W HPS light and uses just 180 watts of electric power. So, like other products from advanced platinum series this lamp is also an energy efficient and helps to save money in long run.

It can provide almost 2 to 3 times more intense light as compared with other similar products, thanks to its high PAR per lumen output technology.

It also provides UV and infrared waves to marijuana plants that are the basic essentials for good growth of plants.​

California Lightworks 440W - Best for the 3x3 Sq.ft Grow Tent

California Lightworks 440w

Another expensive but worthy grow light that pay for its price.

Usually, LED grow lights does not come with bright colors but this one comes with attractive bright red color.

It uses 5W LED emitter diodes to produce an intense light as compared to many other competitors. It uses such 88 diodes and significantly help in growth of your plant.

They use jewel-quality glass for primary optics and do not have any secondary one and is focused at 90 degree. You might be wondering if it really helps at flowering stage of plant growth, but be informed that it has two 15W UV-B T8 tube that helps at the flowering stage of cannabis.

Also comes with 3 year warranty & built in fans to keep it cool.