Best Foot and Calf Massager – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2017)

Foot Massage

No matter what, massage feels good after vigorous exercises.

To combat the soreness of foot and calf muscles, use of best foot and calf massager is inevitable.

Though, calf and foot massage can also be done with hands, using automated massager can save lot of time.

Our feet and calf area consist multiple muscles that help us to walk, jump, run and to move from one place to another. 

Athletes, runner, and people who spend lot of time standing on their feet can suffer from the soreness of of feet and calf muscles.

Gastrocnemius & Soleus forms together the calf area and plays an important role to help us walk. These muscles are powerful and can able to perform good amount of work. Many time this can cause soreness in these muscles. 

Massage to these muscles can help to reduce soreness, ease inflammation by improving blood flow and reduces tightness of calf muscles.

Though, foot and calf muscles massage is a tempting thing, not all of us have enough time spent in massage parlor or to visit Kinesiotherapist to get it done. Here comes these foot & calf massager to rescue.

But buying a good foot massager is not an easy thing, it takes time and the good knowledge of what works when it comes to massager. This is the sole reason we came up with the following list of good calf massager, it will help you to pick the one that suits your need.

Hand Picked - Best Foot and Calf Massager

Why these specific foot & calf massagers?

Foot massage is practiced since ancient age.

But doing it manually on daily basis is time consuming task, as well as it demand the presence of a professional masseuse. You end up spending time and money by visiting massage centers.

So, to simplify things automated massager are the perfect solutions.

It saves time, money and can be used over the longer period.

Benefits of foot & calf massage

Foot and calf massage comes with multiple benefits. From increasing blood flow to leg to reducing inflammation caused by injuries.

There are multiple foot massage techniques available today, and each technique provides its own health benefits.

Ranging from tradition simple foot massage that focus on massaging muscles & joints of foot, reflexology & acupressure is also available. Aromatherapy believe using scented oils that helps nerves and foot muscles to relax.

Foot massage increase blood circulation to and help reduce inflammation caused by injuries, and constant stress.

It helps to strengthen the muscles and increase flexibility when combined with stretching exercises of foot.

Foot reflexology also helps to reduce migraine and anxiety. 

Dr. Sachin

 Dr. Sachin 

 Wellness Expert 


Several study conducted to see if reflexology can benefits the migraine sufferers comes with positive results.

It is found that foot reflexology increase overall well-being, energy level and reduce headache to a certain extend. (Source

Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot & Calf Massager:

This foot and calf massager comes with multiple functionalities that includes Shiatsu Massage, Vibration, heating, rolling and kneading massage.

Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot massager weighs almost 24 to 25 pounds and comes with burgundy & black color combination.

Apart from different massage modes this massager comes with removable fabrics. It can be removed from massager for washing purpose. This ensures the cleanliness of inner fabrics.

Top central part of this massager have button panel that helps to control the massager.

First button will start turn on the massager, second will activate the FOOT mode so you can get foot massage while third button will activate LEG mode.
Fourth button activates the HEAT or VIBRATIONS. Pushing this button will release the heat over the massaging area.

Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot & Calf Massager

“Reflex-4” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager with Patented Figure-8 Technology By Human Touch

Another good calf and foot massager that surrounds the foot and calf muscles. Currently only available in silver-grey color on outer part and dark brown color on inner side.

It is one of the simple yet effective massager that can help to soothe sore muscles with its patented technology named as "Figure Eight Technology" .

This unique technology deliver soothing, highly effective massage that provides feeling as if you are getting massage from an expert hands.

Reflex 4 foot and calf massager by Human Touch

Massager weighs about 19 pounds and 19 inches long and 18" wide. As like Shiatsy massager; inner fabric of this massager can be removed. This helps to keep it clean.

This device comes with another unique feature called as 'CirQulation Technology'. It uses the secially designed mechanics that creates an unique sensation that almost feel like massage is being done an expert therapist.

Pro Foot, Calf and Thigh Massager by TheraSqueeze

Finally, an all-in-one foot and calf massager that provides foot, calf and thigh massage.

It's like a Swiss army knife for those who want a through foot, calf and thigh massage. It provides deep kneading Shiatsu massage to foot that activate the reflexology point within foot.

Also provides squeeze massage to calf & thigh muscles with three different levels of intensity.

Pro Foot Calf and Thigh Massager by TheraSqueeze

It weighs about 48 pounds and almost 22 inches wide, so make sure to plan a proper place to keep it in home so you can enjoy massage without moving it everyday.

This massager provides a control panel that have on/off button to start the massager and other buttons to control the mode of massage like auto, vibration and heat mode. Also have buttons to chose level of intensity.

"Reflex-2" Foot & Calf Massager by Human Touch

This one comes with a patented figure-8 technology and delivers foot and calf massage by covering complete foot.

Available in dark black color and weighs approximately 27 pounds. This massager is easy to move from one place to another, thanks to the handles that are provided on side of massager.

Also, they have added non-skid protector at bottom which help to achieve sustainable stability. 

Reflex-2 Foot & Calf Massager

As name suggest, patented Human Touch technology provides a better massage that imitate at an expert-made massage. The thing that make it possible is through the circular massage motion.

Instead of massaging by just pressing, this machine creates circular motion massage that helps to improve circulation. Also has under foot-rollers to provide a perfect massage to sole of feet.