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10 Best Back Braces for Lower Back Pain– Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews

The lower backbone in human is made up of a combination of five movable lumber bones, which are naturally joined together and combined with flexible tendons or ligaments, wide muscles and underlying nerves and blood vessels.

The anatomical features of low backbone naturally support our body weight and protect whole spinal cord and underlying nerves. In addition, it also provides flexibility to move our lower body parts in different directions.

We are utilizing our low back region tremendously by bending, twisting, and walking to perform different daily activities. Therefore, pain in the lower backbone is a common problem. The acute pain is mainly associated with injury to the adjoining muscles, joints, ligaments or disc.

However, certain chronic conditions like herniated disc, joint dysfunction, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, osteoarthritis, traumatic injury, degenerative disc conditions etc. also cause lower back pain.

The detection of the underlying cause is very important to treat the condition completely. However, both acute and chronic conditions induce severe pain due to the inflammatory response against the condition.

The usual pain symptoms associated with low back pain is dull or achy. Some patient complains stinging sensation, whereas others may have burned like symptom. Muscle cramps are also associated with low back pain and may extend to the pelvis, hip, thigh, leg to feet.

The condition becomes worse due to prolong stress condition associated with walking standing or sitting posture. In addition, patients feel difficulty to sit, walk or bend, which hampers the performance of the daily activities.

The back braces have a significant role in preventing and treating lower back pain. Wearing of back brace provide support to the whole spine and assist to improve spinal functioning even during the episode of pain.

There is limited human trial conducted to estimate the effectiveness of the back brace in lower back pain prevention and treatment.

A clinical trial conducted on 82 individuals with low back pain reported that wearing of back brace reduces the sick leave period. This indicates back brace can accelerate the healing process.

Usually, long-term analgesic medication is not recommended for chronic and sub-chronic back pain but back brace application may be a solution for them.

A study result showed that wearing of back braces improve the pain symptoms in case of chronic and sub-chronic back pain.

A study conducted on 197 patients suffering from sub-acute low back pain get benefited by wearing back braces. The study report considered that wearing of back braces can be a cost-effective non-pharmacologic and complementary treatment in case of back pain. A systemic review also stated that back brace has primary preventive effect against low back pain and is an effective treatment option for them who do not want to pursue other medical intervention for their low back pain symptom.

What is a Back Brace?

Back brace is a medical device that assists to provide restricted movement of the spine after an injury to accelerate the healing process. There are two types of back braces are available, rigid brace and elastic brace.

Benefits of Using Back Brace

Following are some important benefits of using back brace:

Usually, unrestricted motion after an injury to the back can increase the stress and pressure in the region, which leads to delay in wound healing. Wearing of back brace provides the restricted movement in the spine and assist to the faster healing process.

  • Provide stability to the backbone in the postoperative care.
  • Reduce stress during prolonged sitting or standing posture.
  • Reduce strain and pressure while lifting heavy weight.
  • Assist with spine adjustment according to postural changes.
  • Provide comfort feeling during sitting, standing and walking.
  • Reduce back pain symptom
  • Cost effective, non-pharmacologic intervention, which also reduces side effect burden of analgesics.

Top 10 Back Braces for Lower Back Pain

Here is the list of hand-picked back braces that will help you on lower back pain.

Back Brace by Vive

The back brace by Vive support the lower region of the spine and is used to treat a variety of chronic painful conditions associated with spasm, sciatica, nerve pain in the spinal cord.

Vive Back Brace for lower back pain

This brace has compressed adjustable wrap and can relieve pain by acting as a vertical supportive device. The designing of the Vive back brace is a compression wrap having customized cushioned pad and reduce the risk of re-injury.

Dual fasteners are attached with compression and that provide tight fittings with the waist, as it has an adjustable non-slip fit. This brace is convenient to use and does not cause skin irritation. The attached compression wrap is washable.


  • The brace is effective to treat a wide variety of underlying causes of back pain.
  • The attached compression wrap with this brace assists to maintain the proper posture of the spine by upholding the vertical positioning.
  • The compression wrap provides rapid healing process by restricting the movement; in addition, it also improves blood circulation and promotes early healing by providing heat therapy.
  • It is easily fitted to a wide variety of people having waist size between 32 inches to 40 inches.
  • The brace is comfortable to wear, as it is lightweight.
  • The attached compression in the brace is airy and make the skin dry and washable.
  • The Vive provide 60 days guarantee to support the durability of the product.


  •  Some consumers complain about the size of the brace, because of the difficulty to fit in their waist.
  • Some consumers shared reviews that the product is not very durable for prolonged use.
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Mullar 255 lumbar support

This product is a combination of three fabrics that is polyester, rubber, and nylon. A combination of 40 percent polyester, 27 percent rubber, and 33 percent nylon make the brace comfortable to use.

Mueller Adjustable Back Brace

The brace is attached with a removable pad to provide comfort. The product is of import quality and made in the USA. An internal plastic molded component is attached with flexible steel support, which provides extra stability and prevents rolling.

The brace is easily adjustable with a waist as it has external elastic dual straps. It particularly provides support to the lumbar region.


  • It is a non-medicated option, though good for managing your low back pain and assist to perform your daily activities.
  • Most of the consumers provide the positive feedback about the low back pain controlling effect of this brace.


  • There are some negative feedbacks about the size of the brace, as some customer complains it is not suitable for their waist size.
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Comfymed quality back brace

The product is designed to keep in mind the comfort of the consumer. A lumber pad is attached to this brace and make it a premium quality product for back pain.

Comfymed quality back brace for lower back pain

The product is made of a comfortable and washable fabric and does not cause any irritation or discomfort after prolonged wearing of the product.

The product is sufficiently durable and the company provides 12 months warranty. There is an option to buy the product directly from the manufacturer.

This brace has handles for proper griping while fastening the brace.

The product is available in two size – REGULAR for 26″ to 37″ belly size, whereas LARGE for 38″ to 50″ belly size.

Both male and female can use this brace due to its unisex designing.


  • This is a medical device, which can naturally cure your back pain.
  • Long warranty period provides an assurance of the brace.
  • The chance of quality related risk factor is less, as you have an option to directly contact the manufacturer.
  • Easy to clean because of its washable fabric.
  • It is the only product available in the market which has handles to grip the brace properly to fix it according to the need.
  • It assists to maintain the proper posture


  • It may not be fitted in an obese individual, who may require XL or XXL size.
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Calibre care QT back brace

This brace provides support to the lower back portion and also help in movement. The high-quality raw materials are used to made up of the product

Calibre care QT back brace for lower back pain

Wearing this brace provide a distinct comfort, because of its light weight and convenient adjustable design.

The brace is made of two double compression straps attached with a velcro band and four re-enforcing struts. This compression preserves the body heat and provides thermotherapy to cure the back pain.

The company Calibre Care provides 100 percent instant Money Back Guarantee in case of failure to provide an effective result, which is an assurance of the efficacy and quality of the product.


  • This spine supportive brace can help to heal the underlying injury.
  • This brace is effective to cure various injuries including ligament, tendon, and muscular injuries.
  • A therapeutic compression obtained by wearing this brace assist to recover the back problem associated with a degenerative disc problem slipped disc etc.
  • The money back offers to give mental peace and confidence to buy this brace.


  • There is no detail size chart provided, therefore it may create confusion during online buying of the product.
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Quick draw pro brace

Aspen Medical Product is the manufacturing company of this brace. This is a unisex product and applicable to both men and women.

Quick draw pro brace

There are seven different size ranges available, like people with a waist size between 31 inches to 37 inches can opt for a medium fit brace.

This brace is designed as overlapping angles and is clinically tested for its efficacy in back pain relieving effect.

There are various clinical setups those rely on this back brace and recommended for treating patients with back pain. This brace supports the backbone and provides a wide range mobility.

The fabric of the brace is washable and skin can breathe through the non-elastic fabric.


  • Most of the customer get benefit from their low back pain by using this brace and consider as an effective medical device
  • Clinical trial approved brace
  • Easy to clean.
  • A wide range of size is available to properly fit according to the waist size.
  • Provide a compression support to the backbone.


  • Some complaint regarding the durability of the product is notable.
  • Some reviewer also reported that the product is less comfortable and poor backbone supporter than other braces due to improper size
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Aidbrace back brace

There are three size options available small/medium, large/ XL and XXL/XXXL depending upon the belly size. This will give a perfect fit.

Aidbrace back brace

For proper fittings, upgraded velcro is attached and made it an improved version.

The attached lumber pad provides extra cushioning and additional support, which can also easy to remove depending upon the requirement.

Double straps are attached at both the sides for adjustment and maintaining the tension. The fabric is made up of vented mesh and skin can easily breathe through it.

The side of the brace is curved which does not provide much pressure on the belly and does not cause discomfort for prolonged wearing.

This brace is a premium quality product, which assures its longevity and durability.


  • A wide size range and proper description of the size chart makes it easy to select according to the belly size.
  • It is more comfortable as the designing of the brace does not provide pressure to the abdomen.
  • Assist to maintain the posture during prolonged sitting.


  • Some consumer complains that the product is too tight to wear.
  • This brace is little more expensive than other product.
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NMT back brace

The aim of the NMT back brace is to improve health and treat the underlying cause of the back pain, in addition to pain-relieving effect.

NMT back brace

There are four different sizes available for this brace, like 34 inches to 40 inches is the range for large size.

This brace is approved by CE (Conformité Européene) and FDA. The FDA registration of this brace is denoted for its safety.

This brace is portable and lightweight, so easy to wear and carry. The material is easy to clean because it is made up of washable fabric.

The attached fabric is porous in nature, so skin can easily breathe through it.


  • It is a non medicated medical device which improves blood circulation, boosts overall immunity and acts as a detoxifier for pain relief and accelerate the healing process by curing the underlying cause.
  • It follows magnetic therapy for recovering the back pain.
  • Customized fit is possible because of attached elastic outer straps.
  • Generate and retain the heat and provide warmth in the pain area.
  • The detoxifying effect provides a slimming effect.
  • This brace is a combination of thermotherapy, magnetic therapy, negative ion functioning and Far Infrared therapy acts as a natural healer and analgesic for chronic pain including arthritis, strains, sprains, and back pain related problem.
  • The company provides assurance of 100 percent effective result.
  • The direct company buying option provide the opportunity to Full Refund in case of product return within two months.


  • The online purchase may create a problem for returning the goods.
  • Selection of proper size is important, otherwise not effective.
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Braceup lumbar stabilizer

This brace has a different size range with size chart, which helps to select proper fit and it provides complete mobility and support to the backbone.

Braceup lumbar stabilizer

Additional support to lumbar region to provide extra benefits for low back pain and the brace is attached to a mesh panel, which can release extra heat and moisture.

The designing of the brace provides proper fitting and restrict unnecessary slipping and bunching of the brace.


  • Easy to understand the application and therefore anyone can use it effectively.
  • The extra band is attached for adjusting the brace according to the comfort and pain level.
  • Easy to wash and does not cause skin irritation by holding sweat


  • It is bulky and difficult to fit it tightly.
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Baurfeind brace

This brace is not a high profile product and is shipped within the country. The product is Germany based and shipped to US countries.

Baurfeind Back Brace

It is a perfect product for supporting the ilieo-sacral joints present between low back and pelvis region.

This brace provides pain relief by stabilizing the posture and releasing the pressure.

The product is easy to clean, as the material is machine washable.

The product is lightweight and made of breathable materials and adjustable tension-free straps to relieve pain.


  • It is effective to provide relief for low back pain generated due to faulty posture.
  • Acute pain related to prolonged sitting and standing can also resolve by using this brace.
  • The inelastic knit fabric and tension generated by straps can stabilize the pelvis and provides relief from the extended lower back pain.
  • The massage knobs attached with friction pad can assist to heal up quickly by improving blood circulation, maintaining the muscular tone by providing friction massage to the muscle and attached ligaments in the low back.


  • Some customer complained that the product is not perfectly fixed in its position.
  • Wearing of this brace can create bending problem in some individual.
  • This product is not of import quality.
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Neotech care back brace

This product is highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists treating low back pain. The company provides satisfaction guarantee to assure the product efficacy by offering a full refund or free replacement.

Neotech care back brace

There are six sizes available, including small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL for a wide range of people.

The brace is made of 65 percent polyester material which is skin breathable while velcro and side elastic panels provide an adjustable brace for proper fitting


  • This brace acts as a shield and protects from extra pressure, provides stability and support to the backbone.
  • The straps are made up of crisscross elastic and tightly fitted on the back to provide sufficient stability.
  • It assists to maintain proper posture and the compression of this brace is effective to treat pain radiating from back to pelvis region.
  • It prevents unwanted back movement like the twisting of back and decreases the risk of injury.


  • Some consumer complained that this brace hurts the back.
  • Extra cushioning may require making it more comfortable.
  • Size-related issues are also mentioned as a negative feedback of this brace.
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Buying guide for back brace

  • Before selecting your back brace for the low back pain it is most important to discuss with your healthcare provider, as a diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain is very important to provide effective pain relief.
  • The size of the brace is an important criterion, as too tight or too loose fitted brace is of no use.
  • The length and width of the brace are important factors, as proper length is essential for fitting. Whereas, too thin brace does not provide enough coverage, whereas too wide brace may hurt the ribcage.
  • You need to wear back brace for prolong period a day, so the comfort of the material is also important.
  • Do not choose starchy material made a brace, because it may not provide enough compression.
  • The fabric quality should be skin friendly, otherwise, it can cause skin irritation.
  • To handle it independently, select the brace which can easy to wear and self-manageable.

Precautionary measures

  • You should not continuously wear the back brace without medical advice because lumber muscles become weak due to the continuous wearing of the back brace.
  • Selection of proper back brace for low back pain is important, otherwise, it adversely affects the quality of life. For example, if you have only lower back pain, then lumber brace is a preferred option, but if you have lower back pain in association with upper pelvic griddle, then lumber- sacral brace is an inaccurate choice.
  • If you wear a brace for your low back pain, even then you should perform the recommended lumber exercise for a short duration to maintain the natural movement of the body.
  • Do not ignore proper lifting technique, even if you wear back brace.


Back brace is a non medicated option to control back pain. Select your back brace after detecting the underlying cause of back pain. Because a variety of back braces are available in the market with different specific features. The right choice of the back brace can modify the quality of life for patients suffering from back pain. Back brace not only reduces pain symptom but can assist in postural correction by providing support to the spine; improve underlying cause by providing compression and retaining heat.

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