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Best Essential Oils For Headaches

Thousands of people visit doctors to treat their headache, most of them suffer from a tension-type headache. Though stress is a prominent cause of headache, many other ailments can trigger headaches such as hypertension, hypoglycemia, excessive alcohol intake, hormonal changes, dehydration, constipation, allergy and fatigue.Many people struggle to get an instant relief from these pain, […]

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Blisters On Feet – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

One of the most common problems of foot pain is the blisters on feet & toes. Blisters are small fluid filled packets that look likes a small bubble and usually develop upper layers of sole or skin.The most common cause that trigger development of blisters are friction. But other things like burns, skin infections & […]

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Early Signs of Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman experiences some early signs of pregnancy. During pregnancy body & hormones start to change, which brings some typical pregnancy symptoms in every woman. Though the most pregnancy related symptoms are same in all woman’s, the severity of those symptoms differs from one woman to another. Early pregnancy symptoms are caused by increased […]

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Is Sore Throat a Symptom of Pregnancy?

Is a sore throat can be early pregnancy sign and symptom? this is the most asked question by wanna be mothers. Though many women experience sore throat symptoms during early pregnancy, it is not mandatory that you will get a sore throat if you are pregnant. There is much more reason that can lead to […]

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