10 Best Yoga Stretches To Relieve Stiff & Painful Neck

Sitting for hours in the office, poor posture, and lengthy commutes can leads to unwanted stress within mind & body.

They also leads to acute to chronic pain in neck, shoulder an back area causing muscles to become sore and painful.

While visiting pain clinic and taking pills is the most useful option for treatment of such pain, choosing some simple daily yoga routine will have positive effect on spinal health.

YOGA can bring mental peace, relieve stress and help improving overall health of body. Neck pain can be relieved to certain extend with help of yoga.

Child Pose

Girl Doing Yoga In Child Pose

Child pose is commonly known as Balasana

The main benefit of this pose is, it help to stretch hip, buttock and back muscle. Also help to relieve the back and neck pain.

  • Begin this pose by sitting in knelt down position, keeping toes of both foot touching each other and keeping knee apart. Rest you hips on feet.
  • Take control of your breath, lengthen your spin by sitting straight.
  • Exhale and start bowing forward with arm reaching out forward.
  • Rest your forehead on yoga mat, torso of body on knee & thighs while your arms on ground.
  • Keep palms of hand facing down to ground and hands extended. ​
  • Take 2 to 3 breath and move your hands back alongside your thighs, keeping elbow relaxed. Face palms upside.

Cow to cat pose

Girl DOing Yoga In Cow To Cat Pose

This is the combination of two poses, cow & cat pose.

It helps to stretch the muscles of back, neck and front of chest. It open ups the chest to allow you breath deep. ​

The Most positive impact of this pose comes from the the sequences of spine movement it includes.

  • Begin this pose by being on your knee and hands. Keep the wrist directly under the shoulder and knees under the hip.
  • Align knees hip-width apart and keep fingers of hand pointed forward.
  • While breathing in, enter into cow pose by slowly lifting chin and chest
  • Let your belly to drop towards the yoga mat and move head upward so the eyes will be gazing toward sky.
  • Exhale while moving into the cat pose and lift your back spine towards sky making round shape to back spine.
  • Do this couple of time to stretch back, chest and cervical muscles.

Seated Spinal Twist

Seated spine twist

Also called as 'Marichi's pose or Maricyasana.

  • Seat with your leg extended.
  • Bent the right leg at knee joint and cross it over the outer part of left foot thigh. Keep the knee pointed towards the sky.
  • Inhale slowly and keep the left hands elbow at outer side of right knee. Bring your right hand behind your back and keep it centered to spine on floor.
  • Now exhale and slowly moving from your abdomen twist your torso toward right side.
  • Be in this position for next 4 to 5 breaths then repeat the procedure to other side of body.
Dr. Sachin

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