Foot Pressure Points – Location Chart & How To Use Them

Foot Pressure Point Chart

Acupressure – An ancient Chinese medicine provides the study of feet pressure points and it is believed that these pressure points help to cure many diseases. Acupressure is the traditional practice introduced in china and lesser known than its companion acupuncture. In acupressure, the physical pressure is applied to point on different parts of human […]

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Effective Tips To Deal & Heal Back Pain

Tips To Heal And Deal BAck Pain

Back pain is the one of the most common cause for which people visit the doctor. It is also found that almost four out of five people possibly experiences back pain at certain time in their life. If you have back pain, only good thing to know is you are not alone that suffer from […]

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Tips To Easily Deal With Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis produce stabbing pain in foot every morning.  Its difficult to carry such pain as well as ruins your morning. What is plantar fasciitis? A thick band of connective tissues that run along the bottom of your foot is known as plantar fascia. It work as shock absorber during walking or running and also provides […]

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